A composite walkthrough of DiDnapper versions 1.7 and 1.8. Updated as information comes in.

Gameplay changes from Version 1.6 Edit

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Prologue Edit

DIDNapper v120:37

DIDNapper v1.7 - Opening

After the Opening cutscene, you get control of Suki in a guest bedroom, talking to Cherisa, and expressing doubts about her impending inheritance of the throne, but Cherisa quickly puts those to rest, and wishes her good luck, promising that her life will change forever. Once left alone, there are a few interactable items in the room, providing bits of personal thought, but the only thing of importance is the bed. Sleeping has the scene transition to a wagon bound for an unknown destination, where Suki has another talk with Cherisa, where her best friend reveals that there had been rumors of a kidnapping plot against the Princess, and that they were sent to ride in the wagon while the royal carriage was sent as a diversion. All of a sudden, however, the cart stops. Worriedly getting out behind their bodyguard, whom is quickly defeated, Suki finds herself surrounded by several rogues. Before anything can be done, however, she finds herself restrained, and a cloth held over her lower face... by Cherisa! Despite her struggles, the Princess falls unconscious, her mind racing at this betrayal...

When Suki comes back to the waking world, she finds herself tightly bound, firmly gagged, and residing in a cold cell. Her struggles draw the attention of a pair of kidnappers, where they confirm that she was indeed chloroformed, and Cherisa was the culprit. After a few moments of self-reflection, accompanied by the fact that the guards tied her up merely for their own enjoyment, Suki makes enough of a ruckus to convince the guards to leave her alone. With some minor skill, she manages to get her legs free, and starts looking for something to get her arms untied, eventually breaking a teacup the guards had previously used to feed her and using the shards to cut her bindings. Retrieving a foolishly-discarded key and arming herself with a dagger, she gets out of the cell, and attempts to find an escape. But trouble looms...

As soon as Suki approaches the staircase, one of the guards returns, and catches her. Utilizing previously taught self-defence, the Princess overpowers her attacker, and races up to the next floor. Unfortunately, there she is cornered by another three guards, and forced to fight them. After two of his comrades are taken out, the last one beats a hasty retreat out the main entrance, followed closely by Suki. Just when freedom seems likely, it's snatched away as she finds herself surrounded by even more kidnappers, including the Guildmaster. However, instead of swarming and capturing her, the 'master instead elects to make her an offer, and bades she follow him. Back in his office, the Master lays down his deal: he wants Suki to join the Guild of kidnappers, using her meager skills to help in their trade of kidnapping young women, in return, he won't have her bound and locked up even tighter than before. He also offers her the Guild's full resources for tracking down the now-Queen Cherisa for answers. He then reveals that Cherisa had paid the Guild an incredible sum to keep the Princess captive, while she took the throne, though she failed to give them a time limit on how long she was to be captive. Seeing no greater alternative, Suki begrudgingly accepts, reluctant as she may be...

As a start to their partnership, the Guildmaster explains that the Princess cannot be known as the Princess, citing the world's belief that she perished in a bandit attack. Thinking of a new name for herself (player-determined), the new Suki is then introduced to Leroy, a veteran member and expert kidnapper for the Guild. He introduces her to the Main Hall, where the Guild's contacts and associates gather over time, as well as a bulletin board (for replaying completed Missions and Events) and a blue chest (for saving and inventory management). Leroy then brings her to the Living Quarters, about as rowdy and unkempt as any other bar but it works out. Next, they are brought to the Trophy Hall, where a seasoned kidnapper can display those special captives they just can't let go of. Finally, they go to Suki's semi-private quarters, with a door that locks and unlocks from the inside and outside. While there, the former Princess gets as much sleep as she can, subconsciously worrying about how everything has gone downhill. Waking up to find Leroy standing over her, she is given an official uniform of the Guild, which she uses in addition to redoing her hair to disguise herself from anyone who may personally recognize her. Suki the princess is gone, replaced by a kidnapper out to make her way...

Meeting with Leroy in the Main Hall has him try to teach the novice kidnapper some combat skills, explaining that it's best to knock out a male opponent, but that some will likely come at her with armored hides helping them. He then proceeds to wipe the floor with her, then trusses her up and silences her for good measure. Leroy goes on to provide useful tips for when Suki is captured by more hostile foes, typically having her arms and legs bound, and her mouth gagged. In an Escape attempt, the arms are the hardest to free, but also the most rewarding when untied; legs are given less attention, and can provide the ability to look for objects to aid in freeing the arms; a gag prevents speech, but making loud noises can lure a captor over, where one can charm them, attempt to knock them out, or just ignore them, made easier if ungagged. However, should a captive make too much unnecessary noise, the captor may come back and further enhance their bindings. He then has Suki try it herself, with the novice either succeeding and gaining some knowledge, or failing and forced to have Leroy untie her. He then instructs her to come to him when she's ready to start her first mission as a kidnapper. The guard standing next to the cell offers to provide more escape training, at three difficulties of Easy, Medium, and Hard (it is advisable to at least reach an Escape Level of 7 before starting the Mission). Meeting with Leroy will start their journey to a place called Huston Village, the first of many...

Missions Edit

Mission 1: Huston Village Edit

DIDNapper v122:21

DIDNapper v1.7 - Escape Training and Huston Village Mission

The Princess is dead to the world, and so she must begin her training as a kidnapper of women in order to find the answers she needs. Her quest starts in a small village...

Mission 2: Velis Manor Edit

With her status as a kidnapper now undeniable, Suki must now venture into the high and mighty lifestyle of the elite to gather the first of many clues to Cherisa's betrayal, where unlikely allies can be found in very unusual places...

DIDNapper v120:09

DIDNapper v1.7 - Velis Manor

Mission 3: Aurealis Academy Edit

A kidnapper's work is never done, but it is also never without variety. Now Suki must go to the deep reaches of the Lost Forest, where a bastion of wizardy and witchcraft is on the verge of collapse, and must be tied back together...

DIDNapper v101:00:37

DIDNapper v1.7 - Aurealis Academy

Mission 4: Haab Desert Edit

The sands of the desert are endless, as are the ambitions of a kidnapper. Suki is asked to lend her rope-tying skills to the aid of a band of treasure hunters out to explore, and will not stop for any dusty scholar in their way...

DIDNapper v141:05

DIDNapper v1.7 - Haab Desert

Mission 5: Ghiaccio Village Edit

It is said that the cold breeze of the north is nothing compared to the cold, cold heart of a kidnapper. If that is so, then Suki has a long way to go to prove that she's not out just for the Guild, as a village comes under threats that are better left bound and silenced...

DIDNapper v126:42

DIDNapper v1.7 - Ghiaccio Village

Mission 6: Pirate Bay Edit

The high seas are an endless expanse of mystery and adventure. But they are also rife with risk and intrigue, especially when Suki runs afoul of a group of pirates bent on taking her freedom, and her hope for answers...

DIDNapper v143:43

DIDNapper v1.7 - Pirate Bay

But, not all is as it seems, and perhaps history can be rewritten, for the better...

DIDNapper v112:27

DIDNapper v1.7 - Pirate Bay Alternate Ending


Mission 7: Jormunga Jungle Edit

The twists and turns of the endless brush and vine of the jungle mask a grave threat, both to innocent lives and to Suki's quest for answers, and as it may be, vengeance...

DIDNapper v132:29

DIDNapper v1.7 - Jormunga Jungle

Perhaps, though, there is another way. A path few tread, and many never see coming...

DIDNapper v109:54

DIDNapper v1.7 - Jormunga Jungle Alternate Ending

Mission 8: Florian Town Edit

The hustle and bustle of the big city can often be a snuffing of the flames that brighten a person's day. If only Suki had the time to be worried, for her search for Cherisa and the answers draws near to its end...

DIDNapper v131:20

DIDNapper v1.7 - Florian

Mission 9: Belbasa Harbor Edit

On the path to the inevitable end of her quest for revenge, Suki will be waylaid by a mysterious occurance, and an old enemy she thought long since gone...

Mission 10: Dark Hills Edit

And so, it has come. The darkness of war sweeps over the Kingdom, and only Suki and her companions have the courage and strength to fight their way to the heart of the corruption, though not everyone will come away from this in fulfillment...

Epilogue Edit

The final curtain falls on this tale of a Princess, a kidnapper, and a Queen. But who says the final line has to be spoken freely? Why not add another gag to that?

Events Edit

The Shopkeeper Edit

After Suki's first outing as a kidnapper, return to the rural settlement, and enter the "ITEM" shop to the immediate right of the guardhouse, right next to the cave entrance. Inside, the shopkeeper will let you purchase items, such as potions, from her (it is advised to do so for what comes next). When you're stocked up, talk to her. The conversation will gradually devolve into the girl, Risette, showing her concern for the disappearance of her cousin, and who she suspects might be responsible. This leads her to recognize Suki, and initiate battle. The shopkeeper uses moderately strong basic attacks.

If Suki is defeated, she is captured by the guards, and bound and gagged in the dungeon. If Suki defeats her, Risette demands to be released, but the kidnapper instead decides to take her back to the Lair, where she'll thankfully be reunited with her cousin, but unable to rat Suki out. Risette will be imprisoned as a Trophy Hall damsel.

Poor Megumi Edit

Following Suki's collaboration with the Sandstorm Guild, return to the dry-spelled town of Madinah, and enter the gateway to the left of the mayor's manor, into the large Haab Desert exploration area. If this is the first time entering, then a special event will play out.

A short way from the entrance, Suki will come across a tense situation: a female mage by the name of Megumi will be accosting a pair of merchants traveling to Madinah. One of them will call out to the kidnapper, asking for her help in dealing with the magus.

If Suki agrees, Megumi will take it as a threat, and initiate battle. She alternates between powerful basic attacks, a strong "Fire" spell, and an even stronger "Greater Fire" spell, so come with plenty of potion. If Suki loses, the merchants will ambush both girls, tie up and gag them, and take them to market, resulting in a Game Over with Suki being pulled behind with her wrists bound. If Suki defeats her, the merchants will ambush Megumi, tie up and gag her, and take her to market, leaving Suki to wonder in the desert.

If Suki starts off by declining to help, in the momentary distraction, the merchants will ambush Megumi, tie up and gag her, and take her to market, leaving Suki to wonder in the desert.

Part 2 Edit

A sort of "sequel" to this event occurs when and if the "Hostage Crisis" event has been completed and the Slaver Camp is unlocked. Enter the den of despair and locate the tent the hostage was in previously. There, Megumi can be found tied to her pole. Releasing her will result in her asking Suki to help liberate the other girls in the camp. Your previous interaction, however, will have no real effect, as either way, she does not recognize the kidnapper, even if she was soundly defeated by her. Escape with the girls, and they will reward you with a minor gold amount.

Epilogue Edit

If Megumi is rescued before the conflict in the Dark Hills, then she will make a short cameo in the epilogue.

Hostage Crisis Edit

After completing Mission 4, return to the Lair, then go to the Living Quarters and talk to the gruff man in dark clothes. He will offer Suki a job in exchange for teaching her some advanced kidnapping techniques: kidnap the daughter of an officer of the town guard of Velis. Accepting will result in an instant transport to a small area of the town. Enter the house with the red roof at the east end, where Suki discovers her target has been kidnapped ahead of her by another guild, the Gray Lynx Guild, a band of slavers; the officer has their guildmaster in custody, thus their kidnapping of his daughter is a bargain. After this, the decision can be made to either pursue the contract or let it go. If Suki decides to continue the job, she'll be transported to an area of forest where a popular Slaver Camp resides, and the girl is likely to have been taken.

The main entrance is heavily guarded. Sneak around to the left, behind two merchants facing a carriage. Go up the short path between the two tents to listen in on a conversation between the slavers and a female assassin from the Gray Lynx, Adeline. She'll then break off and enter the lefthand tent. Follow her and inquire about the girl, whom she'll point out is in a tent on the right side of the camp, which beforehand has an old man standing in front telling you it's occupied. Enter that tent, and ungag the girl. Suki claims she's there to free her, but has to gag her again to avoid suspicions. On their way out, however, one of the slavers does grow suspicious, and attempts to take them back, initiating battle. He typically uses strong basic attacks, and an unevenly reliable "Leg Sweep", so be prepared for inflicting Confused status.

If Suki is defeated, both girls are placed in a tent, and Suki is bound and gagged alongside the girl. If Suki defeats him, then both girls bid a hasty retreat. On the way out, the girl in ungagged, and starts to complain about her miserable condition, then starts to realize that she's just being traded from one captor to another, and is quickly gagged again by Suki. They manage to escape to a cave far enough away from the camp. However, they are then cornered by the Gray Lnyx assassin, attempting to reclaim the girl for the bargain, and initiates battle. She alternates between moderately powerful basic attacks and a strong "Poison Edge" attack. If Suki loses, . If Suki defeats her, they leave her in the cave to either being freed or enslaved herself.

Returning to the entrance, she finds the carriage driver had to abandon their ride home due to the slavers' suspicions. Returning with items for battle, he finds the effort pointless and instead reveals that the camp is very close to the location of the Lair. They return with the girl in tow, and the guild member that brought Suki on congratulates her. He keeps his end of the bargain and offers to teach her his wealth of kidnapping techniques as a vendor.

Battle of the Angels Edit

Following Suki's business in the snowy Ghiaccio Village, return to the cold north, and follow the path to the northeasternmost corner of the village (you'll know you're in the right place when you find a child fantasizing about angels). Walk up north to a cave entrance. Inside, the party will encounter what appears to be real, heavenly Angel praying at an altar (if you want to experience each member's comments, it is advisable to do this Event after Mission 8). The Angel will then threaten them for intruding and initiate battle. She uses moderately strong basic attacks.

If Suki defeats her, they will then discover her wings are fake, and that she is actually a normal girl, Elica. She was pretending to be an Angel in the hopes that Heaven's messengers would hear her pleas and grant her real wings. Finding that dream dashed, before anyone could do anything, a voice calls down from above, and from the heavens themselves, a True Angel appears, Margit! She claims that Elica is under her divine protection and that the party's attack on the girl must be punished. When Carol further infuriates her by gagging Elica, she initiates battle. Margit frequently uses a powerful "Light" spell, besides a strong basic attack, so be prepared for members to be inflicted with Blinded status often.

If Suki is defeated, Margit will claim divine punishment for all of them, resulting in a Game Over with Suki bound and gagged, and propped up on the altar. If Suki defeats her, the party will eventually arrive at the decision to transport her to the Lair. Elica will be released, and run away in despair. Margit will be imprisoned as a Trophy Hall damsel.

A Thieving We did Go Edit

After Mission 5, when Suki revisits areas that she's been to previously, in specific buildings that were normally locked up and darkened, a light will be on inside. Entering will lead to a series of encounters with a female Burglar that always results in a battle with her. She makes use of strong basic attacks and occasionally a "Feint Attack" move that can inflict Confused status if landed. Defeating her will result in her being sent to the Holding Cell, while visiting there afterward will have her escape to the next location.

The first five encounters with her that end with her being imprisoned in the Holding Cell occur in these locations, specifically in this order:

  • Ghiaccio Village - The house next to the bulletin board with the maid offer in Mission 5.
    • The Cell guard claims ignorance of how the burglar managed to escape.
  • Madinah Town - The house behind the mayor's manor, with a cactus and flowerbed on its right.
    • The Burglar resists at first, stating her intention to escape this time.
    • The Cell guard once again admits a successful escape.
  • Armark Town - The house with a blue roof, a metal sign, and a blue chest next to the door.
    • The Burglar admits her intense dislike of Suki.
    • The Cell guard sheepishly apologizes, exclaiming ignorance of her ability to pick locks, before realizing.
  • Huston Village - The house at the lowest point of the area farthest from the cave entrance.
    • The Burglar does not even turn around, but acknowledges that Suki is after her, and exclaims why the kidnapper keeps trying to stop her. She displays her recent training with her dagger.
    • The Cell guard plainly admits that they posted a guard to prevent her escape, except she simply knocked him out and stole the key, resulting in the guard's later "firing".
  • Florian Town - From the hideout, go up to the guard checkpoint, then turn left. Go immediately north, past the house with the three trees on its right.
    • The Burglar doesn't seem to respond at first, before it's revealed to be a decoy, whereupon the real thief leaps out, and binds and gags Suki. She starts talking down before coyly remembering the extent of her trap, and simply goes back to robbing the place.
    • Suki has to Escape in time, or else, results in a Game Over.
    • The Cell guard is knocked out. Roused from his slumber, he notes that she mentioned leaving the country this time during her escape.

The sixth and final encounter occurs in this location, and with her defeat, results in her being imprisoned as a Trophy Hall damsel:

  • Belbasa Harbor - First in the potions shop along the east docks, then northwest in the warehouse.
    • The Burglar will start out by trying to buy things for her trip out of the Kingdom, but is undone in that regard. In a fit of frustration at Suki's dogging her, she challenges the kidnapper to an all-or-nothing fight, with the winner getting to do whatever with the loser.
    • Should Suki lose the fight, results in a Game Over with her locked inside a crate.

The Dark Below Edit

Fanservice Edit

Casino Royale Edit

In Florian Town, you can visit the casino and play the Mastermind game. To win, you have to correctly guess the color and position of four chips with six possible colors within eight tries. If you win, Suki will be taken to the back and have to fight the bunnygirl to keep the owner's loss from getting out. Beat her and you get a Bunnygirl outfit for Suki and one for Risette in the Private Cell.

Wedding Crasher Edit

While visiting Florian Town, either during Mission 8 or while free roaming, hang along the bottom edge of the south side of town until you run into a man standing near a house door. Once you're close enough, he'll offer 500 gold for a job. If you agree, he'll take you to a church where you have to tie up the bride of a wedding and take her place to steal the groom's ring. Head into the wedding party and talk to the bride, then head into the storage room to the north to fight her. She can use light-element magic and inflict Blinded, so be careful.

Once you beat her, talk to the client and the rest of the mission will play out automatically. You'll get the wedding dress as an outfit and 500 gold.

Some Old Faces Edit

Return to Belbasa Harbor after completing the ninth mission and head to the northeast end of town to meet a few cameos, who promptly get kidnapped. Trek to the southwest portion of town and examine the lit-up door to find where they've been taken. There are a pair of block puzzles to solve, but it's easy if you remember to grab the rope on the floor to create more paths to move.

The kidnappers will get the jump on your party, so you'll only have two members untied at the start of the fight. They attack as one unit, but get to take two actions per round. This is more of an endurance battle than anything else. Winning gets you a new outfit for Evelyn in the Private Cell.

Genie in the Bottle Edit

After completing the fourth mission and receiving the Treasure Map, head back to Madinah Town and enter the desert to the west. Follow the map to a spot in the southeast and interact with the jug to meet the Genie. Defeat her in combat and you'll learn the Summon Genie skill.

Note: With the release of 1.8.1, all of these events, except Genie in the Bottle, can be reset and replayed.

Major Story Changes in comparison to Version 1.6 Edit

Mission 1 Edit

Risette the Shopkeeper leaves on a trip and entrusts watching her store to Esther. Esther is now a young rookie Guard. Suki now delivers a ransom note to the Guardhouse after kidnapping enough ladies in the town, and if she loses the first battle with Esther, Leroy's rescue does not involve a battle nor a time limit. More townsfolk give relevant information.

Mission 2 & Carol Edit

Carol is not captured when Suki first meets her, but later after all the girls are captured. Nataleigh the Maid has a mean streak and different tastes/motivations. Suki shows more of a considerate/vulnerable side both when going after Carol and also when interrogating Nataleigh.

Also, Carol can't be taken as a captive during the mission.

Mission 3 Edit

Master Hyranda has now lost the support of most of the teachers, who have called in the kidnapping guild to help them stop her. The story was in large part completely rewritten, with a few of the same characters - notably Master Hyranda and her assistant, Maka. It is now less linear, and can involve at least one backtrack, depending on how much the player knows (or guesses) about the mission beforehand. Evelyn is introduced as a new party member, assisting Carol and Suki in taking down Master Hyranda.

Mission 4 Edit

Mission plays the same like in 1.6.4. There are a few differences, though.

  • If Suki disturbs desert guild master when he is threatening Alexie, the additional sequence plays where player must go to torture room and speak with Alexie.
  • Losing a fight during desert part of the mission does not lead to instant game over. Instead, the party members are taken to the tent and escape mini game triggers.
  • At the end of the mission, the hidden chest does not contains The Staff of Mikveh. There is The Treasure Map instead.

Mission 5Edit

Needs Info.

Mission 6Edit

Needs Info.

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