Mission 2 intro 2

The mission intro graphic from v1.6

Velis Manor (Formerly known as Castle Velis before v.1.7) is the second main mission. You obtain it after completing the Huston Village mission and talking to Leroy. In the manor you must kidnap maids and nobelwomen, avoid Guards and you meet Carol for the first time.

The next part is simply kidnapping maids and royalty, and returning them to the hidden chamber where you start off. The guards move slowly due to their heavy armor, but the area is small enough that you'll have to move fast to avoid getting cornered. After nabbing all the girls, interrogate them to learn more about Cherisa's whereabouts.

Story Edit

Version 1.6 Edit

You find Carol after she was captured by a maid, who is accompanied by two Dungeon Guards. The player is given the choice of rescuing Carol or just leaving her tied up. If the player rescues Carol and both win the fight, she will be automatically recruited, but if Carol is still tied up after the fight, Suki has the choice of untying her or taking to the base as a captive. She can be recruited either way.

If Carol is taken as a captive after the mission, she will be held in the Trophy Hall.

Version 1.7 Edit

Info needed.

Female Enemies (v1.6)Edit

  • Lady's Maid

Male Enemies

  • Castle Guard
  • Dungeon Guard

Game Over SceneEdit

Version 1.6 Edit

If Suki loses her first battle in the mission when meeting Carol, it will be an instant game over.

If she gets captured by a guard after said battle, she will be taken into the dungeon, but will have snuck a key off of one of the guards. If she gets captured again, she will have hid the key in the corner of the dungeon beforehand. One more capture after this triggers a game over.


As of v1.6:

  • Carol as a party member (requires scene in the lair if Carol is never released during the mission)
  • Max. 240 EXP
  • Max. 220 gold
  • Personal Captive: Lady's Maid
  • Princess dress (Bonus reward from secret area. Optional)

If rank B or better:

  • Necklace of Magic Protection


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