Seeing as we have some (inexplicable amount of) time before the next update, I figured I might as well ask who's your favorite character from the game. I'm kind of curious. Although, there have already been some who have mentioned it in the comments box of the other pages. But, heck, if you don't mind: Tell me who's your favorite character as of Didnapper 1.6.2. It could be anyone to simple enemies and damsels or characters who have played a major role in the story. Just as long as you can give a brief explanation. 

For me my favorite character, if it isn't already obvious has got to be:

Kirya, why? Well there's a lot of things I like about her. For example she's a rather mysterious character taking some time to actually see after being introduced, but even then she hides her face under a mask. Plus she never participates in a battle, while the developers may have other reasons, it helps with not revealing too much about her. Her personality is also pretty strong. I love how she manages to keep calm while her boss freaks out if Suki attacks the guards. Not to mention she's rather thoughtful, able to take time to think things through, making her seem like the brains behind the operations of the Desert Guild.

So who's your favorite character?

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