I just wanted to point out what keeps me motivated to spend time on DiDnapper.

I think I actually played a much earlier version some time ago, thinking "oh this looks interesting", but seeing how I did have a PC at the time and I could only get it to work w/o sound on another platform, I let it go.

Then last year I just bumped into it again.  I think it was the escape mechanic that caught my eye, being a DiD fan - either that or perhaps I was searching for other games besides your standard RoR that had struggling or escaping qualities.

Gotta said I have to hand it to everybody that has had a hand in this (say that 5 times fast) to this point as I never would have thought you could get a lot of depth.  And I believe more on the way.

So why I play is the ability to not only capture, but also the ability to be captured and both escaping and failing to do so.  And I have to admist, the character personalities have plenty of potential, depending on where Kendrien wants to take them.

Fun play, places to challenge, RPG elements, and bondage on both the captor and captive sides...what's not to like for a DiD fan?

- jcullinane 01/12/2015

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