The Lair

The main hall of The Lair.

The Lair is the guild's headquarters. Here, you can interact with the girls you've captured and taken as your own. You can buy items or new skills and access the menu. This is also where you will accept new missions from the Guildmaster, or visiting clients.

Version 1.7 beta Lair

Male EnemiesEdit

  • Kidnapper


The Main FloorEdit

  • The Noble Captives Room (removed in v1.6.4)
  • Private Cell
  • Trophy Hall
  • Suki's Collection Room
  • Eatery (v1.7)
  • Kitchen (v1.7)
  • Suki's Room (v1.7)

The Lower FloorEdit

  • Suki's Room (v1.6.4)
  • Guild Shop
  • The Cells

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