The Slaver's Camp is a area first introduced in v.1.6.3.


The Slaver's Camp is the place where Kidnapping Guild sells their female captives into slavery. The slavers working there are members of the Slavers Guild who deal with human transactions. Suki's guild sells the captives they can't get ransom money for to the Slavers Guild.


In order to access the Slavers' Camp, you must complete the Mage's Tower mission. After said mission, a man with a hat will appear in Lair, and he will offer Suki a job to escort newly sold girls to their buyer. After completing the mission, you will be able to access the forest path to the camp at will.

In v1.8. The Slavers' Camp is revamped as a sidequest where Suki has to recover a valuable captive from the camp with the option of rescuing other captives that will reward some gold after completing the quest. After the completing the quest, Suki can return to rescue captives for some extra gold.

Mission (v1.6)Edit

The mission consists of Suki escorting two captured slaves to a buyer in a nearby city. The mission is entirely done in cut scenes and purely out of chance, divided into flat 50% chances of an event occurring.

While traveling through the pathway, Suki will stop, hearing something. It will either be bandits trying to capture all three of them or just some birds. After dispatching any bandits, Suki sets up camp in the next area for the evening. There's a chance that, after lying down to rest, her captives will have broken free and attempt to tie her up while she's asleep. If this occurs, Suki will wake up as this is happening and will be required to re-capture them. If she does, Suki will rest once again, this time unhindered.

The trio will then proceed to meet the hatted man at a horse-drawn carriage, where he will separate once more with Suki to sneak into the city by himself. Suki, driving the carriage holding the two captives inside, will be stopped at the gates by the town's guards. At this point, there is a 50% chance that the guards will get suspicious of Suki's lies and, once again, another 50% chance of the guards actually proceeding to search the wagon. If the latter doesn't occur, then Suki will proceed into the town and meet up with the hatted individual at night in an alleyway, where he will lead her to the buyer and reward her for the escort.

Game-over ScenesEdit

  • If she is defeated by any bandits, an immediate game-over will occur.
  • If she is defeated by her captives, an immediate game-over will occur.
  • If her wagon is searched by guards, the two captives will be unveiled and the guards will fight Suki. If Suki loses the fight, she is (bound and gagged) arrested, resulting in a game-over.

After completing the mission, Suki is able to freely enter the Slavers Camp where she can buy new skills, items, and techniques. Also, you are able to repeat the mission by talking to the man with the hat to gain money.


  • The damsels tied to the poles change at random upon entering the camp area.
  • A man that looks like the Guildmaster will randomly appear, saying that he is searching for a new maid.
  • In a tent there are two Amazon captives who were kidnapped by female pirates.
  • The captives from early missions will be moved from the lair to one of the tents here as the lair cells are filled up.
  • There's one member of the Desert Guild, which if you talk to him, he will say that he knows your face but doesn't remember you. 
  • If Suki brings Carol and/or Athena to the Slaver Camp and attempts to repeat the Escorting Mission, John will not allow it as he only allows Suki to do the mission for unknown reasons.
  • In the middle tent, a man offers to gamble with Suki for 500 gold. You can accept the bet even if you don't have enough money, but if you lose, Suki is bound and gagged to be sold as an slave, if Carol and Athena are there, they will try to intervene but they get bound and gagged by the other guys in the tent, Suki is then tied up to a pole alongside the other captives where an potential buyer takes interest in Suki and buys her, causing a game-over.