This is a list of available costumes for Private Cell captives.

Suki's outfits: Edit

  1. Guild outfit. Obtained as part of the Prologue.
  2. Maid outfit. Obtained as part of the Ghiaccio mission.
  3. Bikini. Obtained as part of the Pirate Bay mission. It is either given to you if you are rescued by the beach girls after losing on the pirate ship. or found in the lighthouse if you win.
  4. Princess Dress. Found in a chest in the castle during the Florian Town mission.
  5. Bunny Suit. Obtained from beating the Mastermind minigame and tying up the bunnygirl in the casino in Florian.
  6. Wedding Dress. Obtained through the Wedding Crasher sidequest in Florian as a reward.

Others: Edit

  1. Risette's cowgirl outfit. Found in Huston village during free-roam in any barrel in town.
  2. Bunny girl outfits for Risette. Obtained along with Suki's in the casino in Florian. You must win a game of mastermind to get them.
  3. Explorer outfit for Cilia. Found during the Jormunga jungle mission in the abandoned outpost. You must beat the first fight to go there. The outfit is hidden through a secret gap in the trees in the top right of the outpost.
  4. Librarian outfit for Cilia. Found in the library of Florian on the right side of the room.
  5. Beach (bikini) outfit for Esther. Found in the lighthouse during mission 6. Can be accessed after winning the fight on the pirate ship and jumping in the water.
  6. Burglar outfit for Carol. Found in Florian in the top right of the map. Simply follow the road up from the hideout and use the small side path next to the guard.
  7. Sailor outfit for the mermaid. Found in the lighthouse during mission 6.
  8. Schoolgirl outfit for the archaeologist. Found in Florian near the centre of the map. The ladder prevents you from reaching it directly. Instead, follow the path along the wall to the left until you find some stairs that will allow you up.
  9. Star bikini for Marcia. During free-roam in Armark town, follow the beach to the cave with a save point. On the other side of the crumbled wall where you fight the mermaid is a path leading into the hills. Simply follow it until you reach the chest.
  10. Nataleigh's catgirl outfit. Found in the tent in the slaver camp you get sent to if captured by them.
  11. Esther's demon outfit. Found in the boulder cave in mission 9.
  12. Athena's gym clothes. Get captured by one of the thugs guarding the chests in florian. It will be in the tent you're brought to. Note that you MUST have gotten captured there at least once for the chest to appear.
  13. Kamala's hula outfit. Found in a random chest in Haab Desert.
  14. Succubus's sleepwear. Capture the succubus in Ghiaccio..
  15. Succubus's kinky outfit. Capture the succubus in Belbasa..
  16. Alyssa's bikini. After completing the event that gets you into the pirate building for free, talk to the man on the right at the table in the first room, and accept his drink. You'll end up in a strange dream cave, where this costume can be found. There are multiple locations you can find it, but you can only get one.
  17. Evelyn's witch outfit. Do the cameo event in Belbasa.


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