The Jail is a new Area in CB v.1.6.3.


Sometimes during missions or while free-roaming the player is able to leave captured party members behind. After leaving the area or completing the mission, those characters are sent to Jail until Suki decides to rescue them with the help of a Jail Broker in the Lair.

Carol and Athena can be left behind in the Haab Desert, Ghiaccio and the path to the Slaver's Camp, and during the Jyoga Jungle mission.

Suki can be left behind just as Carol and Athena can. However, upon returning to The Lair, the player will receive an immediate game-over because the former is sent to prison.

Game Over SceneEdit

If Suki is defeated in battle, she will be taken to a cell by the guards and it will be an immediate game over.


  • Theres is a way to sent Carol and/or Athena to prison during the Jyoga Jungle mission by getting captured by the settlers, escape and leave your companion(s) behind, after defeating Cilia, the Amazon Queen will ask you about your captive companion(s) and you can tell her to release her/them or to send her/them away (sell her/them), if you told her to sell her or them, she or they will be sent to prison.
  • It is unknown why if Suki decides to leave behind Carol and/or Athena on the bandit hideout, they are sent to prison instead of the Slaver's Camp to be sold as slaves.