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Pirate Bay is the sixth main mission. This mission was added in v1.6.

In this mission, Suki is hired by a trading company to take care of some troublesome pirates, in exchange for them taking her across the ocean. Suki joins up with the new character Kurui, and together they sneak on board the pirate ship.

Suki later finds herself on a beach with some girls wearing bikinis, before discovering another port town, North Coast Harbor. How she ends up there, and what she is to find there, depends on how the mission plays out.


After Suki gets dropped in the Harbor, she goes to a bar where she meets her contact who has Kurui tied up for security inside the bar. Once released, she tells Suki that she was kidnapped by pirates to be sold as a slave. Kurui agrees to help Suki infiltrate the pirate ship and joins her in order to defeat them. If the player gets defeated in any fight aboard the ship, or finds the Captain, it is revealed that Kurui is a traitor who only used Suki in order to return to the ship.

  • If Suki gets captured, or reaches the Captain and submits, the Captain takes Carol/Athena as a captive (Replay) and Suki gets tied up and tossed off the ship. She later washes up on a beach where she's untied by a group of bikini-clad girls (that can be kidnapped on a sidequest).

Suki later finds Kurui and the Captain in the private room of the bar where they have Carol/Athena bound and gagged (Replay). She fights and defeats both.

  • If Suki defeats the Captain AND the ambush party, she will leave the crew tied up in the ship and head to the harbor.

The Admiral will appear to thank Suki for her efforts before arresting both Kurui and the pirate Captain.

It's unknown what happens to them later, but the most probable outcome is that they are sentenced to jail or sold as slaves to work off their debt to society.

Female EnemiesEdit

  • Pirate (Common Enemy)
  • Pirate Rookie (Common Enemy)
  • Captain (Name Unknown)
  • Kurui
  • Blonde Beach Girl (Name Unknown, Sidequest)
  • Brunette Beach Girl (Name Unknown, Sidequest)
  • Redheaded Beach Girl (Name Unknown, Sidequest)
  • Umbriana the Mermaid (Optional)


  • 500g for completing the mission.
  • The Mermaid (if you caught her during the mission).
  • 500g if you managed to defeat the ambush party. This will also give access to a lighthouse with a slippery floor, in which the bikini outfits for all personal captives can be found.
  • 500g for capturing the 3 beach girls (sidequest, optional)

Game Over SceneEdit

If Suki fails to defeat the Bikini Girls on the beach, they will leave her buried chest-deep in the sand, bound and gagged as punishment.

If Suki fails to defeat the Mermaid, she will tie Suki to the crystal that she is performing the ritual for.


  • Kurui claims to be a member of the Desert Kidnapping Guild; this probably is false because she was loyal to the Captain. However, the Desert Guild does seem to know about the Female Pirates.
  • It's unknown why that guy in the Inn wanted Suki to kidnap the bikini girls on the beach.
  • There's a bunch of girls captured inside of the Pirate Ship that cannot be rescued or kidnapped, The Ranger from the Ghiaccio mission is also among the captives, its unknown how she got there but its speculated that the Pirates bought her from the Merchant from Ghiaccio to sell her at a higher price on the Slaver's Camp.
  • In CB3, if you managed to defeat the ambush party of the Captain (only Cheating) the Captain will say that Suki wasn't supposed to win that fight and also that Kendrian says hi, and she will tie up Suki.
  • If Suki is captured or submits to the ambush party, and then fights the mermaid without freeing herself, she will struggle during the fight continuously until she is free, completely skipping the mermaid's turns.
  • Even if you defeat the ambush party, the pair of Bikini girls will claim that you're ungrateful for trying to kidnap them (if you failed to kidnap them), despite them not helping you at all.
  • in V.1.6.2, Suki can bring a companion (after completing the Mission once) and if Suki surrenders to the Pirate Captain, Carol/Athena will become a captive that Suki must rescue later from the Pirate Captain and Kurui.
  • If Suki wears a bikini, some people will respond differently to her.
    • Similarly, if she wears her Princess Dress, one man will respond differently to her.
  • Suki can only bring one companion after beating the mission once, however, theres a way to have both Carol and Athena in the Mission via a cheatcode, also, the Captain also refers to Carol and Athena as Suki's Friends after she surrenders to the ambush party, this is rare since only one companion is allowed on the mission after beating it once. 


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