Party Swapping is a new Function added to v1.6.3 of Didnapper.


Party Swapping does pretty much what the name says. In the middle of a mission, you can exchange between the current member of the active party. This can be used to bring in fresh members for difficult stretches, swap in low-level members to get them some EXP or even set a back-up team in case the current party is captured during a mission.


This function can only be used by interacting with the chess piece located in select safe areas in a mission.


During the Pirate Mission, any companion that was left on Standby will be automatically captured when the party reaches the Pirate Captain. In that case, Captain will comment about this and your companion will be brought, tied up and gagged, by the Ambush Party. If player chooses to fight, she will be in [Captured] stated from the beginning of combat. The same will happen to Suki if she was the one left behind as backup during this mission.