Nataleigh (v1.7)

Nataleigh is one of Cherisa's most trusted maids and the boss of Mission 2. She is left in charge while Cherisa is away.

Story Edit

Version 1.6 Edit

Upon entering Castle Velis through a secret passage with Leroy, Suki finds Nataleigh in the dungeon with a bound and gagged Carol talking to two guards explaining how she caught her sneaking around the library. One of the guards then notices Suki and Nataleigh assumes she's with her. Despite Suki's response to the accusation, she orders the guards to seize her. After being defeated, she is taken to the hideout and Suki uses the library key she took to sneak through the castle. Afterwards she becomes a Personal Captive.

Version 1.7 Edit

After meeting Carol and leaving the library, the two protagonists see Nataleigh ordering two guards to bring any captured thief to her room personally. After Suki and Carol kidnap most of the female residents of the manor, they see a noble girl named Emilia entering a previously locked room and attempt to kidnap her. Though Suki is successful with the kidnapping, Nataleigh walks in and upon seeing Carol, calls for a guard who ties her and brings her to Nataleigh's room. Suki sneaks into her room to observe the very beginning of Carol's imminent interrogation by Nataleigh. After confronting and defeating Nataleigh, she is taken to the hideout and interrogated about Cherisa's whereabouts with little success. She then becomes a Personal Captive.

Personality Edit


Nataleigh caught (v1.7)

Nataleigh is bossy, ordering the guards to send captives to her room and deriding them for their combat deficiencies. She does not take nonsense easily; she is more than willing to assign extra guards to patrol if she feels that a thief (namely, Carol) is present. She also has a dark side; her guards gossip that she has been known to take women into her room tied up, substantiated by the fact she brings Carol immediately to her room instead of the dungeon. She is unconcerned with retrieving valuables when Carol is in her possession, instead implying that Carol will be "convinced", and then allowed to tell her where the stolen items are.

In the Private Cell, she has a strong will and is confident in her inevitable victory over Suki, boasting of the humiliating things Suki will be made to do in her service once she is rescued from the Guild and attempting to convince Suki to flip roles. She does not break easily and has a very kinky side to her.

Version 1.6 Edit

She is far more timid in this version than in 1.7 while in combat; however, her kinky nature shows in the private cell.

Strategy Edit


Version 1.6 Edit


Trivia Edit

Maid h225

Nataleigh (v1.6)

  • Suki had heard rumors of Nataleigh's dark side before even embarking on the mission, referencing them when listening into her conversation with the guards.
  • Nataleigh was known merely as "The Maid" until the v1.6.4 release.

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