DIDNapper v1

DIDNapper v1.5 Bonus Mission

Nap the Kids is a bonus mission given by a hooded stranger who appears in the Lair after you finish the Castle Velis mission (v1.5). In this mission Suki is set to kidnap 9 kids by luring them into a church. This mission is not needed to finish the game.

This mission requires 18 Gold to complete. Buy two of each candy (with four kinds, that's eight gold) and the Gold Leaf candy for ten gold. Then give the candy to the kids to lure them to the church. Once you've lured in eight with the regular candy, a ninth child will appear for the gold candy. Once she is nabbed like the others, guards will attack the church, so you will have to fight and tie up the female guard to complete the mission.

This mission did not return on subsequent versions due to player feedback.


  • Marcia (Trophy)
  • Unnamed Guard (Trophy)


  • In this mission, there is no Game Over scene if the player gets defeated by the Female Guard, unlike other Missions.
  • Suki and Leroy not only sell the kids, they also sell the female soldiers and church girls.
  • This mission was removed in the Closed Beta 3 of V1.6.
  • Captain Marcia made her debut in this mission.
  • Cherisa's female-only Army plot returned in the Ghiaccio Mission