After joining the guild, you are given certain tasks, namely missions. Some characters in the game call them "assignments" and some "quests". Regardless of the name, all of the main missions have to be completed in order to progress through the game.

In v1.6, when you finish a mission, you recieve details about how well you did.

Main missions:Edit

  1. Huston Village (Kidnapping)
  2. Castle Velis (Kidnapping)
  3. Mage's Tower (Fighting)
  4. Haab Desert (Fighting)
  5. Ghiaccio Village - v1.6.2 (Fighting)
  6. Pirate Bay - v1.6.1 (Fighting)
  7. Jormunga Jungle - v1.7 (Fighting/Kidnapping)
  8. Florian Town - v1.7 (Fighting)
  9. Belbasa Harbor - v1.8 (Fighting)
  10. Dark Hills - v1.8 (Fighting)

Bonus missions:Edit