Mission 3 intro 2
Mage's Tower is the third main mission. You can get to it by teleporting from the haggle area, using the password "TEYARDA" that Leroy gives you. You have to travel through the Lost Forest to get there.

More than anything, this mission is a test of fighting prowess. You can't kidnap any of the girls by sneaking up on them, so all of them must be caught in battle. There are four fights in total, but there is also a rest area and an IKO Bomb on the second floor.

At the very top there is a boss battle with the head mage. You must subdue her within 9 turns, or she will cast a spell that will instantly weaken your entire party.

Female EnemiesEdit

  • Fire Mage
  • Water Mage
  • Magic Teacher
  • Master's Assistant Maka
  • Master Hyranda

Male EnemiesEdit

  • Hypno (secret area)


  • 1 Iron Knife
  • 500g
  • Magic Ball TS
  • Capturing Zone: Lost Forest
  • Hypnosis Scroll (Bonus reward from defeating Hypno in the secret area. Optional)

Note that you don't get to keep any of the girls you capture in this mission. However, you can battle and capture girls from the Lost Forest afterwards.

Game Over SceneEdit

Suki and her companions (Carol and Athena, if replaying the mission) are tied up to a pole where the Female Mages turn them into rabbits with magic.

Hypno's VictoryEdit

Suki losing to Hypno will result in the latter dragging a bound and gagged Suki into his lair.


  • This is the first mission that does not provide a Personal Captive.
  • Even if Carol is taken as a captive after mission 2, she will always go with Suki to do the Mission.
  • Assistant Maka is the character with the most redesigns alongside Marcia.
  • Suki can bring both Carol and Athena when replaying this Mission.
  • The Magic Teacher had a younger design in early betas.


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