AccessoriesAccessories (1.8)Almighty Blow
AlyssaArcheologist (Captive)Areas
ArmorArmor (1.8)Asleep
AthenaAthena (1.8)Backstab
Bandit's HideoutBeast SlayerBonus Areas
Captain MarciaCaptivityCaptured
Capturing ZonesCarolCharacters
Cherisa's ArmyChest PunchChests
ChloroformClaw AttackCostume Ideas
Damsel AmbushDamsel IdeasDamsel State
DarianaDevelopersDidnapper Progress till next release.
Didnapper WikiEast Coast HarborEscape System
EvelynFeint AttackFemale Enemies (v1.6)
Force CaptureForce Knock OutForest Path
Game DifficultyGame DownloadGame Overs
Game StoryGeneral Ideas of the PublicGenie
Ghiaccio Village (Area)Ghiaccio Village (Mission)Greater Heal
Greater WaterGuildsHaab Desert (Area)
Haab Desert (Mission)HealHuston Village (Area)
Huston Village (Mission)HypnosisIce
Iron Ember DaggerItem BoostItems
Jyoga Jungle (Area)KiryaKnock Out
Known IssuesLeaveLeg Sweep
Legendary LampLeroyLieutenant Riele
Lost ForestLow BlowMadinah Town
Mage's Tower (Area)Mage's Tower (Mission)Magic Ball
Male EnemiesMass HealMass Water
Mission IdeasMissionsMob Rush
Nap the kids!NataleighNorth Coast Beach
North Coast HarborOutfitsParty Swap
Pirate Bay (Mission)Poison EdgePoisoned
Princess SukiPrincess Suki (1.8)Prison Break
Private CellPrivate Cell CostumesPrivate Esther
Project HistoryQwertyerRagequit
Secure RopesSelf BondageSkill Shops
SkillsSkills (1.8)Slaver's Camp
Staff of MikvehStatus EffectsStunned
The GuildmasterThe LairThe Royal Castle
TutorialUnderground MazeUntouchable
Vampire Castle (Mission)Velis Manor (Area)Velis Manor (Mission)
Version 1.7 DevelopmentVideo:Didnapper v1.5 CB5 intro (update 2)Walkthrough (v1.6)
Walkthrough (v1.7)Walkthrough (v1.8)Wanh
WeaponsWeapons (1.8)Wedding Crasher

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