Leroy is a member of the kidnapping guild, and Suki's first male companion. Although he prefers to fight alone, he occasionally joins up with Suki to help beat powerful foes. He mostly serves to provide Suki with her latest mission details.

Class Adv. Kidnapper
Skills Subdue
Knock Out
Poison Edge
Claw Attack
"Got yourself tied up again, did you? That's a bad habit in this business, you know."
―Leroy - Huston Village


Not much is known about Leroy, aside from the fact he is a high-ranking, advanced kidnapper. He seems to be around his early to mid-twenties, and has a lot of experience, as shown when in Escape Training, Suki will only be able to get a few hits on him before she is weakened and subdued by him.


Leroy is first introduced during the prologue when Suki's carriage is stopped by "bandits" and asks Suki if she was the "customer" only for Cherisa to claim she was the customer before chroloforming Suki herself.

After Suki is recruited into the Guild, Leroy is asked to test her abilities in combat and escaping. After teaching her the basics, he and Suki are sent to Hudson Village to see if Suki could kidnap some females from the town. After taking enough females, Leroy sends Suki to deliver a ransom letter to the guard's quarters only for her to be captured. After some hesistantion, he decides to rescue Suki, upon rescuing her, they are ambushed by guard private Esther but she's defeated and taken captive by the duo. Upon returning to the hideout, Suki is promoted a full member of the Guild.


Version 1.6 Edit

Leroy is an overconfident fighter and kidnapper, Initially, he is rather indifferent and condescending towards Suki, but later becomes less insulting towards her later in the game, going from calling her a "useless maggot" to simply telling her to get off her "lazy butt", he will react differently in Castle Velis if Suki decides to recruit Carol or not during the mission, if Suki decides to recruit her (even after the Battle with Maid), Leroy will warn Suki about recruiting people without permission of the Guild and he will dislike the Guildmaster's decision to have Carol helping Suki during the Mage's Tower but if Suki decides to take Carol as a captive, Leroy will praise Suki for bringing an extra captive and will not mind the Guildmaster's decision to have Carol helping Suki during the Mage's Tower. After a while, he is seen to care for Suki as he wishes her luck on her travels before she goes to East Coast Harbor (Pirate Mission).

Version 1.7 Edit

Leroy is less aggresive and more layback than past versions and doesn't seem to dislike Suki when she was recruited. Also, his disapproval of Suki recruiting Carol without permission is more based on not wanting to get in troubles with the Guildmaster rather than distrust of Carol, mostly due to Suki's trust in her. Leroy seems to enjoy scaring and teasing Suki as when she is tied up in the Escape Training, he will say that he likes her when she's tied up like that. He is shown to be to have a carefree and level headed attitude, as noted when he walks in when Suki wakes up in her room to talk to her about her dress and she berates him for walking in on her like that, saying she could've been changing, and to which he replies that she wasn't.


  • In v1.5, Leroy has a shorter temper as he insults Suki in some dialogue, mostly when she rescued Carol and allowed her to join the Guild without permission.
  • Leroy used to be much stronger in v1.5, but is now severely weak in comparison.
    • Leroy knew several combat techniques in v1.5, all of which were very powerful.
    • Now he knows only Claw Attack and Poison Edge.
      • The main reason behind this is likely because of the addition of Combat Rescuing.
  • Leroy is probably one of the highest ranking kidnappers of the Guild.
  • He teaches Suki the Low Blow move, yet cannot use it himself.

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