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Kurui's battle graphic by A.Y.

This article references an older version of the game. For this character in the most recent version, see Alyssa.

Kurui is the secondary antagonist in the Pirate Bay Mission. She does not use any weapons, preferring to use her legs and fists instead.

Class Fighter Kurui Lv 5 (Start)
Skills Subdue
Knock Out
Chest Punch
Stats HP: 1278
SP: 798

ATK: 50
PDEF: 60
MDEF: 50

STR: 143
DEX: 75
AGI: 95
INT: 53
"I know the ship pretty well. I was held captive for quite a while! You'll need someone like me who knows our enemy and can form a plan!"
―Kurui - Pirate Mission, bar storage


Not much is known about her only that she was one of Dariana's pirates that was captured in the chaos of a battle between her crew and a trade ship they raided. She attempted to pass herself as a captive of the pirates that managed to escape in the chaos with little success as she was left bound and gagged in a bar's storeroom until she meet Suki.


She first appears tied up in a bar. Once released, she tells Suki that she was kidnapped by pirates so she could be sold as a slave. Kurui agrees to help Suki infiltrate the pirate ship and joins her in order to defeat them.

If the player gets defeated in any fight aboard the ship, or finds the Captain, it is revealed that Kurui is a traitor who only used Suki in order to return to the ship.

  • If Suki gets captured, or reaches the Captain and submits, she and Carol/Athena gets tied up, Carol/Athena is kept as a captive and Suki is tossed off the ship. She later washes up on a beach where she's untied by a group of bikini-clad girls.

Suki later finds Kurui and the Captain in the private room of the bar where she fights and defeats both.

  • If Suki defeats the Captain AND the ambush party, she will leave the crew tied up in the ship and head to the harbor.

The Admiral will appear to thank Suki for her efforts before arresting both Kurui and Dariana.


What Kurui lacks in strength she makes up for in intellect. Knowing this she's able to easily trick others into thinking her no more than a innocent face. Thus, allowing her to manipulate her enemies into whatever trap she has laid out for them. Despite this, she's intensely loyal to her Captain using her skills to help further her crew's pursuits.


  • She appeared in the intro of Didnapper v1.5 as a captured damsel but she didn't make an appearance in the actual game until v1.6 CB3.
  • She is the first playable character that turned out to have been an antagonist all along.
  • She is practically the weakest member of the Female Pirates.
  • She is seen to be the Captain's second-in-command.
  • She knows about the Kidnappers Guilds, especially the Sandstorm Guild.