Knock Out is a skill that is known by all enemies and allies (except for Genie) and is among the most basic skills in the game. The skill is a finishing move that prevents a male opponent from keeping on fighting by knocking him unconscious. If all male characters on one side are knocked out and the females are tied up, the battle ends.

Knock Out can be reversed with Smelling Salts, which will bring a male character back into the battle in the weakened state (low HP). As of v1.6.4 no enemies use Smelling Salts.

Its equivalent for females is Subdue. The skill was removed in Version 1.7.3 with male enemies automatically being KOed upon having their HP depleted.

Icon Function Description Occasion Requirements Consumes item Target Users SP
050-Skill07 Takes out a weakened male opponent. "DS: Strikes a weakened male enemy with a finishing blow, removing him from the fight." Battle

-Enemy is male -Enemy has state Weakened added

None One enemy Everyone except for Genie 0