Jyoga Jungle is a tropical forest located south-east of Haab Desert. It is inhabited by amazons who are in a struggle with some new settlers from an unknown town. The jungle consists mostly of thick vegetation and steep mountains. As of v1.6.4, the only way to access this area is through a side mission.


Settlements in Jyoga Jungle are mainly inhabited by amazons or foreign settlers.

Amazon VillageEdit

This village is an old settlement built by the amazons. Most of the houses have stone roofs, except for the queen's residence, which has a straw roof. The village is decorated with several statues and sculptures similar to ones found other places in the game.

Settler's HideoutEdit

This hideout was built by the settlers to avoid being found by the amazons. It's located on a mountain plateau with a nice view over the amazon village. The only entrance is a ladder set up from within a hidden cave.

Abandoned settlementEdit

After having set up their first settlement, the foreign settlers got into a struggle with the amazons and were forced to abandon their village and build a new one in secret. However, this village shows signs of having once been part of an amazon village, indicating that the settlers might have first driven the amazons away from there.

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