Jormunga Jungle (formerly Jyoga Jungle in early versions) is a tropical rainforest located to the far northeast of the Lair. It is only accessible during Mission 7.

Missions and Events Edit

Notable Residents Edit

  • Cilia (before and during Mission 7)
  • Queen Kamala (before and during Mission 7)

Layout Edit

The jungle consists mostly of thick vegetation and steep mountains, with the occasional slice of civilization.

Amazon Village Edit

This village is an old settlement built by the Amazon tribe that is currently ruled by Queen Kamala. Most of the houses have stone roofs, except for the Queen's residence, which has a straw roof. The village is decorated with several statues and sculptures.

Outpost Edit

This small, hidden outpost was built by the settlers when their fears of being found by the Amazons grew to an all-time high. It's located on a mountain plateau with a nice view over the Amazon village far below. The only entrance is a ladder set up from within a hidden cave.

Abandoned settlement Edit

After having set up their first settlement, the settlers got into a struggle with the Amazon tribe lead by Queen Kamala, and were forced to abandon their village and build a new one in secret. However, this village shows signs of having once been part of an Amazon village, indicating that the settlers might have first driven the Amazons away from there.