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Master Hyranda is the current headmistress, and most powerful mage of Aurealis Academy, a lucrative, and secretive school for wizardry in the Kingdom. She serves as the "boss" of Mission 3.

Background Edit

Not much is known of Hyranda's character before she was corrupted, but it can be inferred from her interactions post-Eye that she was a caring and dedicated headmistress.

At some point prior to Suki coming to the Academy, one of Hyranda's subordinate teachers successfully stole a powerful artifact from the Kingdom's magic guild, and brought it to Aurealis. Though exactly how she was corrupted by it is unknown, it significantly altered her personality, turning her into a megalomaniac, bent on harnessing the Eye's power.

Story Edit

Version 1.6 Edit

Needs info.

Version 1.7 Edit

By the time the kidnapping Guild was hired to liberate the Academy, Hyranda had purged the school of most, if not all the teachers for their attempts at defying her, leaving only her assistant Maka and the students behind.

Suki, Carol, and a timid first-year student, Evelyn, who was imprisoned by Maka, worked their way up from the first-year floor, defeating a large portion of the renegade students that were running amok in their unrestricted study of the magic arts.

As they reached the top floor where Hyranda was meddling with the Eye, they were stopped by Maka, but managed to defeat and incapacitate her. Confronting the twisted headmistress, however, they learned that her interference had allowed the Eye to wholly possess her body and mind. Attempting to fight, they were swiftly overwhelmed, bound, and gagged, as the Eye's power increased. However, Maka suddenly appeared and enchanted a sealing spell onto the artifact, decreasing Hyranda's power. After another, more balanced fight, the headmistress was captured and tied, forcing the Eye to relinquish its control.

Freed from her oppressed mind, Hyranda quickly apologized to the teachers and students for her actions. Soon after, it was revealed that the teacher Elda who had first stolen the Eye was also a high-functioning thrall of its power, though she managed to escape. Hyranda thanked the Guild for their efforts, though firmly denied Leroy any chance of him taking some of the captured students back with them.

Mission 9 Edit

During the events in Belbasa Harbor, back at the Academy, Hyranda and Maka notice that the Eye is acting up, more significantly that when it had before. Just as quickly, however, the artifact will cease and dissolve into ash, bewildering the two, but giving Hyranda peace that nothing terrible has happened.

Epilogue Edit

In the Epilogue, Hyranda and Maka discuss Elda's motives; if she was corrupted by the Eye long ago or if she was an evil person from the start but decide that would no longer matter due to her defeat and imprisonment and the destruction of the Eye.

Strategy Edit

  • The first fight with Hyranda is simply pointless. During her first and second turn, she will cast a "Mass Darkness" spell that will always strike the entire party and reduced everyone's HP to 0, then an "Enchanted Ropes" spell that will immediately Capture every member. Just Defend or throw basic attacks, all of which will either miss or do 0 damage BTW, to pass the time before she one-sidedly defeats you.
    • Despite the clear indication that this was a fight meant to be lost, it is possible for Hyranda to be defeated when full power, though this requires a full party of a high, if not the highest, level, and boatloads of elixir and/or perfume. The result is the same, win or lose. Begin with "Mass Haste" on the first turn, then "Heal" on the second turn, with at least a High Elixir that will allow some members to survive her one-two combo. The "Chest Punch" Skill deals decent damage, so grab it from either Francis or the Pirate Inn tutor. Equipping the Wedding Dress, casting Resist with Evelyn whenever possible, and leaving Carol vulnerable to Enchanted Ropes to incite her "Masochist"/"Greater Masochist" ability are also helpful tips.
  • The second fight with Hyranda is more action-oriented, as her power and HP have been significantly reduced, though she still remains a powerful foe. While her tactics are more or less similar to the previous mage encounters, throwing out "Fire", "Earth", and "Absorb SP" spells among others, compared to the students', they seem to be slightly more effective, dealing more damage or taking more SP. Use whatever strategy worked for the students, but be mindful of your party's HP Points, as she can still quickly weaken and capture unprepared fighters.

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