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Huston Village is the first main mission, given to Suki by Leroy. The mission is basically to kidnap 8 girls from a village called Huston Village.

As the first mission in the game, it's rather easy, allowing the player to ease into the nature of the game. As the number of girls decreases, the number of men patrolling the area will gradually increase, making it better to start with the ones farthest from the entrance. Once all the girls have been kidnapped, talking to Leroy will cause a female guard to appear. Defeat her to clear the mission.

Female EnemiesEdit

  • Female Guard (Esther)
  • Risette the Shopkeeper (Optional after unlocking the Bonus Area)

Male EnemiesEdit

  • Farmer
  • Town Guard


As of v1.6:

  • Max. 230 EXP
  • Max. 215 gold
  • Personal Captive: Esther (Female Guard)

Game Over SceneEdit

  • If Suki gets defeated twice, she will be taken as a reward for Gladiators in the arena (tied up to a pole).
    • If Suki and Leroy get defeated by the Female Guard, the same scene will trigger.


  • In the Bonus Area of the Mission, there is a store where Suki can buy weapons, magic and items, but there also is the option of kidnapping the clerk girl.
  • In version 1.5, Suki would appear tied up in her princess dress at the gladiator arena.


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