Mission 4 intro 2
Haab Desert is the fourth main mission. To access it you have to speak to a blonde man standing by the eastern wall of the Main Quarter of the Lair.

Once you talk to this man and get permission from The Guildmaster, head out to the west and down to find a carriage to take you to Madinah. Follow your greeter's instructions and head to the house on the east. You'll find that your new boss has been arrested. You'll hop into a secret well passage to get into the dungeon. Follow the passage until you reach the prison, then fight off or sneak around what guards you need to until you reach her cell and free Kirya. After Kirya has been rescued, lead her out to her mini-hideout.

Once that's done, you need to do some kidnapping. Find the lead archeologist near the town entrance and lure her into the secret passage back to the mini-hideout. She'll go pretty easily, so just lead her on. From there, you'll be at the main hideout. Head into Kirya's room and watch the scene play out. Regardless of your choice, the end result is the same. Then head into the prison area and talk to the archeologist for your next location before taking a nap and talking to Kirya to head into the desert.

From here, it's just some battles and nabbing. Once you've got the three damsels, watch the scene play out and agree to the conversation option. Once it's done, you'll get the Staff of Mikveh. You can then head back to your regular hideout, the Lair.

Female EnemiesEdit

  • 3 Archaeologists

Male EnemiesEdit

  • Desert Guard


Game Over SceneEdit

In versions 1.6.1 and 1.6.2, if Suki failed the first part of the mission and got captured by the guards holding Kirya, she would be held captive in the dungeon and an escape sequence would trigger in which she has a number of options to use her time for. She must use her time to escape properly before the Mayor of Madinah arrives.

  • Her options include:
    • Struggle - Has a chance of increasing her chances of escaping; must be performed in order to escape; May also alert the guard, causing him to tighten the bonds (or fight her if she freed herself).
    • Think of Strategy - Has a chance of increasing her chances of escaping.
    • Make a Noise - Attracts the Guard's attention, making him taunt her or tighten her bonds.
    • Wait - She bides her time by doing nothing.

The first time she is captured, she has 10 turns to use in order to escape her bonds. If captured again, she will only have 5 turns and the dialogue is altered. If captured once again, she will only have 1 turn, which must be used to escape if the player does not want to trigger a game over (dialogue is also altered here). Another capture will result in an immediate game-over.

If Suki gets defeated in the desert, two guards will tie and blindfold her and escort Suki to the middle of the desert to leave her there to her luck.


  • This Mission has the fewest amount of enemies overall.
  • Even trough the Guildmaster warns Suki about the Desert Guild, they never act as shady or traitorous as the Guildmaster told Suki they were or though they were. This may be an subplot that was never implemented in the mission's story.


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