Haab Desert is a desert South-East of the Lair. Madinah Town is the only town close to this desert. As of the most recent update (v1.6.4) The desert is now a free-roam location fraught with many perils, such as wandering snakes and nomads. But it is also filled with small riches scattered around the desert, as well as antidotes. Aside from this the desert also has a cave where the player can rest and store captives. Wandering the desert at night the player will find that events can take place at certain locations. These events offer the player a diversion from the usual capture zone activities.


Haab Desert was once a rain forest, but has been suffering from drought for a long time. Refusing to give up the hope that the Haab Region would sometime once again become green, people have kept living there.


  • This area and Huston village are the only two locations as of v1.6.4 to feature a day-night cycle.
  • This is the first area to feature enemies actively searching out the player outside of any mission or task.

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