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Ghiaccio Village is the fifth main mission, first added to v1.6 CB4.

The mission takes place around a village located north of the Lair. You can start it by talking to the guildmaster after having completed the Haab Desert mission and then head over to the carriage.


In the Ghiaccio Village, Cherisa's women-only army are arresting merchants and other suspicious people that enter the town. In the shadows, a powerful business man is hiring mercenaries in order to defend himself and his merchandise from the army. After discovering that there is a guild that kidnaps girls, he hires them (Suki) in order to subdue their leader, Captain Marcia.


  • Marcia (personal captive)
  • Angel (personal captive, optional after unlocking the bonus area)
  • Athena as a new playable character (optional)

Game-Over SceneEdit

As of 1.6.3, there is now an escape sequence in place of the old sequence that occurs in the event of a player's submission to the inspection by the town's guards. Should the player fail to escape in time, the guard will call from the hallway that Suki (and possibly allies) will be sent off to headquarters, and the standard prison game-over screen will appear.



  • The Ranger from the mission repeat screen appears to be kidnapped alongside other girls in the pirate ship in the Pirate Mission.
  • One can obtain a new playable character in this mission called Athena.
  • Athena is optional.
  • If Suki manages to defeat the female warriors at the beginning of the mission, Suki claims that they are going to the guild base as captives, but after completing the mission, they don't appear.
  • According to the book in the outpost, the merchant sold Marcia's soldiers to slavery guilds.
  • In v.1.6.2, If Suki brings companions, they will struggle alongside Suki if she submits or gets captured in the outpost.
  • In the more recent updates if the player so chooses, they may attempt a frontal assault of Cherisa's army's base. Though the battle is very difficult and after victory it is recommended to rest. Marcia also takes notice of this.
  • Originally the story of the mission was going to be about Suki getting hired to rescue the Mayor's daughter after Cherisa's Army took over.

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