Genie 220h

Genie's battle graphics by Animluster


Genie's battle graphic from 1.7

Genie is a mystical female being that appears from Legendary Lamps. When she joins the party, she gives you three wishes, meaning you can use her skills up to three times. The skill has to be successful for it to count as a wish. She can also use Attack and Defend like the others, but her attacks are weak and do little damage or no damage at all.

Class Genie Genie Lv 1

Force Capture
Force Knock Out
Almighty Blow
Item Boost

Stats HP: 9999
SP: 3

ATK: 0

STR: 10
DEX: 999
AGI: 999
INT: 999
Auto-State Untouchable

Genie takes up one party member space, but she is not directly counted as a party member. Enemies will never target her and will leave the party if all other party members are beaten, even if you have some wishes left.

Genie can first be obtained from a Legendary Lamp you can find in the optional desert area unlocked after completing the fourth mission.


  • The Genie can be tied up with her own "Backstab" skill, which changes her menu options in combat to "Struggle", "Masochist", and "Untie Self" which frees herself. None of these actions take up a wish. While tied, the Genie is still somehow able to do melee attacks which are just as effective as those of her staff... in other words, not very.
  • The Genie is generally considered a party member, and even in solo missions Suki can have the genie fight alongside her. In mission 6, the likely reason that Suki can only bring along one ally on replay is because you could potentially have a Genie in the group, which counting the temporary party member Kurui, would makes the group larger than the system can handle.
  • The Item Boost wish is a good source of gold throughout the game. You can earn 6,000 gold from each lamp, and multiple lamps can be found.
  • While normally immune to damage, the Ragequit ability will reduce the Genie's HP to 1.
  • The Genie only regains 50 HP at a time with her masochist ability while tied, compared to the 200+ that Carol receives with her automatically used ability... maybe that means that she just sort of enjoys being tied up?
  • There are multiple staves for sale in the large city at the end of the sixth mission, which are unusable by any characters, including Suki. These could potentially be designed for use by the Genie, implying she may become a real party member.
  • If Genie is in a damsel state at the time her last wish is used, a message will come up explaining that she can't leave the party because she's tied up.