A list of ideas from the community, and anyone else who felt like sharing. Feel free to add yours. :)

After adding your Idea, please include your Username(deviant art,devname,etc) and the date.

Costume IdeasEdit

Costume Ideas

  • I'm assuming this is in the works, but all the clothes collected throughout the game should be available for at least Suki (if not the rest of the damsels) to be worn in the private cell. deviantbrowser37 1/13
  • Suki should have a leather dominatrix outfit that makes her recover health when she subdues girls.
  • I know this is cliché and maybe not even sexy, but perhaps a good joke costume could be an Animal suit like a full body cat suit or such. Or maybe you get a black sneaky spy suit from the burglar? I'd also love to see a Bunny Girl suit too. - jcullinane 01/13/15
  • Not sure if this would be too complex, but since we already have unique designs for the trophy damsels, how about a way where Suki can steal their clothing and dress up in their default outfits and leave them in their undies? Maybe take it slow at first as this would require redrawing Suki over and over again for battle and walk around pics, but I'd love to see her impersonate some of the captives like the angel, sort of like the Wedding Crasher side quest - jcullinane 01/25/15
  • This might be a bit hard, but i think it would be good if you can mix up the costumes for example, you can have the maid hat equipped and be wearing bikinis (i know might be weird) - DaFaniel -7/02/15
  • Make a Pirate Captain Costume for Suki -The1AndOnlySreer 31/08/15
  • And of course, a bondage belt!!! It doesn't have to be more revealing than a bikini.

Enemy / Damsel IdeasEdit

Damsel Ideas

  • Special Guest Damsels like Cynthia of Firedragonkaryu or Alondra of carlos1976,etc. Goodgamer14 august 9 2012
  • After releasing the shopkeeper she seems extremely wary of you once you come back (for good reason of course) maybe add a mission where she doesn't allow you to shop or interact unless you agree to be her servant? There's a lot of unused area behind the shop, she binds and gags you and makes you clean or gather materials from behind the shop or possibly around the town itself. Deliver goods to the townspeople? Anonymous Contributer ????
  • Make Kurui as Personal Captive. GoodGamer14 6/26
  • Been able to take Athena as an Captive during the Ghiaccio Mission just like Carol on Castle Velis. GoodGamer14 6/26
  • I think that Master's Assistant from Mage's Tower should become one of the personal captives, as she's shown on the mission's cover. Trespasser, November 5, 2013
  • Being able to betray Kurui in the Pirate Mission, or to let you chose between let her join or leave her in the bar tied up. sgtcortez14, new year.
  • Make Kurui an available party member in the future, make the pirate leader a trophy captive, pirate outfit for Suki. - boundforfun, 4/10/14
  • Make the Pirate Captain a personal captive The1AndOnlySreer 31/08/15
  • Make the burglar a enemy that you have to chase across the various capturing zones. After a set (or random?) times of you capturing her, she doesn't escape and can then be made a personal captive, or sold. If you sell her, she escapes and you can chase her again The1AndOnlySreer 31/08/15
  • A few ideas I have: 1.) Make weapons such as Knives like the Table Knife Saria can use once she frees her legs in the capture tutorial. You could make weapons like Swords and defensive items like Shields. 2.) A relationship between Leroy and Saria also having Leroy getting kidnapped and Saria saving him and once he is recovered he can join Saria's party. 3.) As for Cherisa, once Saria finds her, Saria reveals herself alive and reveals Cherisa's plot against her, and Leroy is Saria's witness which results in Cherisa scheduled to be executed by Saria. Saria is then crowned queen and Leroy is her king.
  • After making Carol go to a trip to the Private Cell, and after releasing her, make Suki go the same treatment, our protagonist could learn the Masochism skill. Every turn she could choose to struggle, or to enjoy.
  • Create "The Lair of the Naughty Monster with Many Tentacles". The girls WON'T enter it. They will refuse, they will break the fourth wall and say things like "Why don't you put a Sailor Fuku and enter yourself?". Then, you'll have the Sailor Fuku in the inventory.
  • Make the Burgular enemy into a personal captive.
  • I personally wouldn't mind seeing damsels wearing stuff like SS uniforms and whatnot. Call it a bit weird, but I think there would be an almost comedic dissonance in seeing Nazi anime girls getting kidnapped by a medieval kidnapping guild. A character like this, for example: Private cell captive along this theme would be great too. -SilentKingoftheLand 8/8/16

Gameplay / Mission IdeasEdit

  • I liked the burglar character. Maybe we should insert a new capture zone in the haab desert so we can enjoy a similiar figure of the burglar...  the "tomb raider". If suki failed to fight the "tomb raider" she will be mummified and a group of archeologist will free her. bmvd 11/1
  • Maybe in some missions (for example pirate bay) suki can be kidnapped by some rookie kidnapper, they are in the city just like anyone character but they second fine it's to capture suki. The mechanics are the simple capture of a damsel action( if the rookie kidnapper catch suki from her back(and it's an instant capture)) or a classic damsel fight. If she loses, she will be carried off to a lair(?) and end up trying to escape. If she wins, she will get some gold. bmvd 9/1
  • I'd think it would be cool for a mission where Suki gets captured, and then you play as Leroy or someone else, and you have to go find out what happened. Lief-16
  • Oh, another idea. Maybe there could be a bonus mission, which could be rewarded by a binding spell that doesn't require the damsel to be Weakened. Grand_Zamboa 13:03 May 28, 2012
  • Maybe you could let Carol come along on the Haab Desert mission. Grand_Zamboa 17:00 June 6, 2012
  • Capture Requests: This is very simple. Outside the base there's gonna be some crimelords, slave traders and Guildmembers that will ask Suki to kidnap a specific Girl/Damsel for them. Suki will earn a weapon, money or a new Skill. sgtcortez14 july 15 2012.
  • Just a little thought. Suki could be hired to rescue someone's 3 daughters from a remote town, who were imprisoned by the local noble, and kidnap the noble's daughter as a revenge. Grand_Zamboa October 19 2012
  • Suki can get Kidnapped in some Missions like the Desert Mission or the Pirate Mission. GoodGamer14 April 24 2013
  • Similar to the above point, perhaps there could be a mission in which Suki and her companions are tied up at the beginning and remain that way throughout; their goal being to escape to safety, so they can free themselves. Jacob175 (talk) 11:57, April 27, 2013 (UTC)
  • Some kind of bonus missions or secret areas where you could infiltrate the places where some of the "trophy damsels" are locked away. Here I'm thinking of the damsels that you actually capture in the story, or bonus missions, but never really get the opportunity to take back to the lair. Like the mage teacher, master Hyrandra and her assistant, the pirate captain and kurui, etc etc. Pointlol, April 25, 2013.
  • So after you unlock the lost forest, and nab some of the roaming girls, maybe a bonus mission could appear, where your objective would be the following: A new area would be unlocked through the lost forest, still some kind of forest area, where the elves live. Your mission starts as there are some elves that have started fending for themselves because more and more humans have entered there domain since you helped the mages. Reason being that the mages have noticed some of them disappearing in the lost forest, then trying to hide in the elves forest instead, to avoid capture. So the elves don't like humans coming to there forest so they start some kind of rebellion, maybe making a small rebel army or something of the sort. You are then sent out to take out this rebellion so that it won't threaten the mage tower or who ever the client would be. You then go in and either just complete destroys (combat route) the army or stealth your way in and kidnaps the elf queen, to keep her in the lair, so that the rebellion army won't attack anyone because it would harm their queen etc. After beating the mission this could turn into a expansion to the lost forest, meaning it would turn into a larger free roaming capture area. I believe this would be a good way to introduce the elves, and other "fantasy" creatures, or just some of the other suggested damsels on the list. Like Nymphs, Dryads, fairies, human outlaws, heretics and Royal archers etc. Pointlol, April 26, 2013.
  • Someone from the guild gets a rare disease, and the only way to help the guy is to go and kidnap a doctor, to cure him. Maybe a specific or a specialized doctor is required, and then kept in the lair in case someone else should get sick. Pointlol, April 28, 2013.
  • I think it might be a nice touch if the pirate/trader who asks you to kidnap the beach girls tries to get revenge if you just take his 100 gold and finish the mission without completing his task. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • How about some bonus missions that involve "stealing" previous damsels from their current owners? Definitely at least two (the pirate captain and the arch-mage, for sure) who get taken away by someone else who the player probably still wants to exact revenge upon.  Heavy stealth element involved because you don't want to get the guild in trouble. Cornerwriter 6/17
  • Been able to be Kidnapped by using a Bikini in Pirate Mission. GoodGamer14 6/26
  • Side missions not necessarily important to the plot, but ones that focus on explaining the background of your companions like Carol or Athena. Say one has to unlock them by building a relationship with their companions be it through missions, conversation, or private cell activity. Say for example with Athena: So Suki takes Athena on x number of missions (For clarification I mean x as a variable not a roman numeral) and Athena has bonded with Suki along the way (both literally and metaphorically.) Thus initiating the mission. This idea is based off of the loyalty missions from Mass Effect 2. Or really any RPG that had side missions dedicated to companions. TheLyingWabbit 7/17/13
  • Make Side Missions repeatable via a secondary desk. TheMightierWolf, November 5, 2013
  • Maybe at the end of missions we could have the option to send whatever captives we have stuffed in crates or barrels to be sent to the lair. It'd add incentive to hide prisoners, plus more money. - Boundforfun, 7/21/14
  • How about making the game open world and evoking the player's interest to explore what the world has to offer? I know that it is a enormous task from a game design perspective, but it offers a great opportunity to build the world first and then have the story, side-quests and some suggestions made by fans follow up afterwards with each update. As far as I know, RPG Maker isn't built around the idea of having large maps, but instead these areas can be dissected in smaller maps connected to each other like a patchwork. The map that you see in the game when you talk to the carriage driver could be used as a base for an open world. Although if that idea is too big of a task to do, which is completely understandable, then having at least paths, like the Forest Path, that connects the different locations, with a possibility to get ambushed by bandits and such, would be a more feasible implementation for the game. - Sambean, July 22, 2014
  • On the beach where the beach girls untied you. have one(or some) of the dialog options, instead make them capture you and torture you. then get the chance to escape. - Anonymous Contributer 9/17/2014
  • Game play idea: In the introduction, before the Rookie Kidnapper comes in, have Suki in the escape mini game about to succeed - 99% and any direction pressed being successful, automatically selecting one if the player does nothing, and give Suki Escape level 1 from the start. Then move on to when the Rookie comes in (Suki fakes still being tied up) and then proceed with the 1st battle as usual. - jcullinane 01/03/15
  • Just a bit of improvement: it should be allowed to disactivate the tips and helps at the beginning of the game, it's really annoying when you start the game over. -Anonymous 4 I 2015 AD
  • I think it would be neat if Suki were to get to a guild owned safe house or buy/rent a house in another city that the burglar attempts to burglarize while Suki is asleep. - Anon
  • Game play idea: Assuming that there will be more independence of your other party members (Carol, Athena, new ones?), put a Chess Piece in the Lair so that you can individually control the others while Suki takes a break. I know there would have to be some kind of limit on where they could go until certain free roam areas can have some different aspects i.e. different conversations with NPCs, situations, etc. - jcullinane 01/12/2015
  • Mission idea: Have either a rescue mission of one of the trophy captives be an attack on the lair, or perhaps make an event out of a Private Cell captive breaking free on Suki. This could give a chance to use Suki, Leroy, maybe some Rookies, perhaps Carol (Athena wouldn't care unless she was paid I guess) to hold back the attacking force or try to prevent the captive from escaping to another area or free roam spot. Success could be another trophy captive or maybe some items and money and keeping the escapee in her place, while failure could mean loss of money, the head of the lair getting mad and sending Suki out to get back the captive, or even Suki taken captive and have to escape herself or be rescued (which some others have mentioned prior) - jcullinane 01/12/2015
  • In Mission 4, when Suki first enters the Tomb Robber Guild hideout, one of the guards mistakes her for a random snoop before she explains who she is. Perhaps there could be a chance that he does not believe her, or it could be made possible to reach the hideout before freeing Kirya or something. Suki would be bound, gagged and imprisoned by the guild. An escape sequence would follow, but, regardless of the outcome, the guards would realize there had been a mistake and the mission would continue. It could make for a fun little diversion - the comment one of the guards makes about 'muzzling unruly captives' seems too good an opportunity to pass up. - 1/24/15
  • Mission Idea: In 4, open up the Mayor's House a bit more (even if the Mayor himself is still unreachable) and have more guards after rescuing Kirya. To offset, have Kirya as a temporary playable party member during the escape (will require battle artwork and tied up pose in battle). Also in the same idea near the end of the mission if Suki's party is defeated, perhaps they can be rescued by Kirya? - jcullinane 01/29/15
  • How about making it so that when you are captured, your equipment (weapons) is taken and you either find your equipment without being detected or have to fight with a bad weapon eg. Bronze dagger. - Dafaniel 10/04/15
  • How about replayable kind of raid like missions, similar to Hudson Village or the Castle, where you not only have to successfully kidnap the girls, but you have to smuggle them back to your drop-off point/hideout/staging camp. Basically where catching the girl is easy, actually getting her back to the lair is a whole other matter. You could earn gold and points based on the number and types of girls you bring back. Additional challenges could be things like the level of alertness (in some levels just being there sets off the alarm, while in others you can walk down the street with a trussed up girl over your shoulders and no one bats an eyelash.) or maybe terrain obstacles you can't cross when holding a captive (AKA it's impossible to climb that rope ladder to the roof while dragging a struggling girl.) or maybe the presence of well hidden secret passages you can discover on your own that allows you to bypass checkpoints and guards, even the option to say, drop of girl in a crate, then use a conveyor to smuggle her right past a checkpoint. - Fenerismoon 23/04/2015
  • Expanding the encounters with Burglar. At one point (as third, maybe forth encounter) get Burglar to city from Pirate Bay mission (it would require to make this city available in free roam mode first). It would be like that: Suki can find a hidden passage to pirate's treasure room and encounter burglar there. A standard coimbat triggers and whatever the outcome the pirates come to see what caused the comotion. Here there would be three options: if burlgar won, she would offer a tied up Suki in exchange for freedom, Suki ends up in cell on the ship (like the cells with damsels you can see while sneaking to pirate captain during Pirate Bay mission) and is sold as a slave after some time; if Suki won, she can either exchange the burlgar for freedom or decide to take her to the guild, in that case a combat with pirates occurs. If Suki won, she takes burglar and pirate's as prisoners. If she lose, she and burglar are captured and the same event as loosing to burglar occurs, only burglar is also kept on the ship and sold alongside Suki. -  Bambusek, 1/09/2015
  • A two missions after encountering Assassin inside the guild. If Suki won the combat, Assassin is interrogated and reveals the location of assassin's hideout. It makes a bonus mission available, where Suki infiltrates the hideout (she can do this alone or with Carol and/or Athena) to learn who hired the assassin. The mission would end up with boss fight  - Master Assassin (a new Personal Captive). If party got captured at any point of mission, they are taken prisoner and game over. If Suki loose to Assassin in the guild, she is kidnapped and brought to Asassin's Hideout as captive. Player takes control of Leroy and must rescue her (triggering the rescue mission using Prison Breaker NPC), either alone or with Carol and/or Athena. Suki will be held inside Master Assassin chambers and can be rescued during fight like normal (she is a part of player's party, but tied up at the start). If rescue party is defeated at any point the game over event triggers like before. If mission is succesfull, no matter the circumstances, a new bonus mission occur - the Guild Master wants to teach a lesson whoever hired the assassin by kidnapping a important female (wife/daughter/sister/etc.) - Bambusek 01/09/2015
  • Rescue at Slave market - a special mission that would replace Prison Break, but only if companion was left in hands of men that intends to sell her off into slavery (most notably: Bandits from Forest Path). A time limited mission where rescue party must free their friend before time runs out. If they succeed, everyone come back to the guild and that's all. If rescue party is captured, all females are sold off and game over occurs. If party fails to rescue companion in time, auction occurs where the final price for a girl is set and Suki autowins the auction if she has enough money. If not, companion is either lost forever or can be rescued from new owner after some time. - Bambusek, 1/09/2015
  • Here is an idea for a bonus mission. Have another post on the bonus board after completing the vampire mission(and getting the money for it) where the vampire is asking for Suki's help with a problem and he promises a large sum of gold and that Suki and those she has come with her will leave safely once his problem is cleared. The vampire is hosting a massive party for the vampires around the country and needs Suki and company to help. What he needs are some waitresses (of the tied up variety(I leave the costumes up to you or anyone else who has an idea.)) and entertainment (one to two girls are used for the entertainment). The vampire also wants the help of someone in the group to do something for him. The vampire is immortal and lonely so he wants to keep some female company around with him for all eternity. Leroy who tags along can be controlled by the player (since the others are occupied) and you use him to kidnap some of the lady vampires using a special kind of rope the vampire gives you and take them to a secret room. you will lose if the kidnappings cause a distraction to the party. After the party is completed Leroy and the girls are given the money, the outfits used, and the vampire will mention an associate of his that lives near the lair that will now be used as a merchant for obtaining a lot of new things like the rope used during the mission, new skills, and 1-2 more new costumes. Shadow vi
  • Here is another great idea for a mission which I got after playing ff 6. After Suki completes a certain number of missions she comes back to find the lair in an uproar because of a wounded warrior the guild discovered on their door step. When Suki tries to talk to the warrior he is startled for some reason and then the guild master comes in to talk to him. The warrior wants the help of the kidnapping guild in order to rescue the opera singer that he works for, but the guild master will not hear of it until the warrior mentions the singers name and informs them that Cherisa secretly made a deal with the owner of the opera house to have the singer suffer either a terrible 'accident' or disapear courtesy of bandits. After hearing this the guild master permits you to go and you have both leroy and the warrior come with you to the opera house. After sneaking into the singers dressing room you make a startling discovery the singer is .... Suki!! Yes. The singer looks like Suki except for the color of her hair which is blond. The warrior explains what is going on but the singer can't do anything about the situation because it turns out the owner of the Opera House is holding her little sister hostage. After this it is up to Suki and company to do several important things 1. Rescue the sister 2. Save the singer from both the anvil and thugs back stage and 3. Reveal to the audience in some way what a rotten skunk the owner is. Once the mission is completed you will have three new people in the lair. The first is the warrior who is your first permanent male member (he joins the guild because he wants to stay near the singer for obvious reasons). The second is the singer who is like the other girls both an ally and tophy cell member. Her weapons of choice are light swords such as a saber and her abilities focus around curing and causing status effects. Also if she and the warrior are both in combat they use an ability similar to mob rush but on a lower level. The final member of this new group of 3 is the singer's younger sister. She is an npc but she happens to have been the one to provide stage effects so what she does is sell to Suki explosives and other means to distract enemies which makes her very important. Anyways when you make your report to the guild master it is asked why he had such a quick change of mind? He will quickly brush the question aside but then we get a small look at his personality (it seems that he likes opera for some reason). Shadow vi
  • This is a rather interesting idea that will take up a couple of missions. A noble sends a message tothe guild explaning that he wants to meet Suki. The noble has heard rumors about Suki and makes a deal to assist her if she will do something for him. The noble wants Suki to prove her skills by sneaking into his mansion and kidnapping his daughter. The daughter you discover has androphobia (a fear of men) and has grown to be very spoiled so he wants you to take her to the guild and cure her. The daughter is a trophy cell but at the same time you can also take her out of her cell and have her do things around the guild. Once you have done enough missions and helped cure her you can decide to return her to her father or make her a member of your party. Shadow vi
  • In mission 6, the pirate who is guarding your cell mentions that if you keep the cloth gag on she won't get the captains harness gag. It would be cool if she caught you with your gag out too many times she would actually go get the harness gag, making it much harder (or impossible) to remove your gag. - Mammothkane, 2016-10-24
  • Take personal captive to the missions as party members, of cource if they already love Suki and happy to be her prisoners. If they don't, they even could betray us.
  • A few quick gameovers could be replaced by a quick cutscene of Suki being rescued by Carol (or someone else). For example, why would the girls from the Lost Forest want to take Suki with them? They'd probably leave her trussed up in the woods. Then, Carol would get worried as Suki's not coming back, so she would go looking for her, and BAM! Early christmas present. The same idea would probably work when Suki is beaten by the damsels from the capture areas in free roam. Conqueror3, 30/04/17
  • Adding on to a point above, each personal captive would have their own abilities and ways of escaping and fighting. You could even offer for them to join the guild. It would also add more variety to the playable characters. jak3ho, 4-2-17.

Skill / Mechanic IdeasEdit

  • Some suggestions for capture / escape scenes

1 - The first of them to use real clock in the game, in the capture / escape, a 10 minutes for example.

2 - And instead of just 3 and put 5 fights to untie, involving the feet, and legs, also the hands and arms, and the gags, and in the hidden for the moment, blindfold in the eyes.

3 - When you reach the limit of the tightening of the ropes and gags, when you fight too hard with the ropes and gags, a guard descends to analyze the damsel, or even when you try to knock the guard down and fail, a second guard enters, and Change the ropes by chains.

4 - Suki or another Damsel chained, to try to leave, will have the time decreased to 1 minute, or 30 seconds to leave, but in your fight to leave it will be only the 3 Struggle, who are gag, legs and arms, and will not Be tolerated errors in the directional arrows, since in one or two attempts to get out of this situation and ask for a charm, to go back to the ropes, or try to knock out the Guard, but it will be unsuccessful and will provoke the last level of torture, Be hanged and tied and gagged and Blindfond, only remaining Make Noise and Charm in 3 attempts, after that Damsel is caged and finally Game Over.

5 - Any Game Over screen, should not go straight to Game Over, whether it was the final situation when Suki, or another dansel, would be chained and hung, could be using a lesser escape time, to go at least to the And retreat to capture / escape and try again until it fails or is able to release. FPAR - 31/07/17

6. When Suki is kidnapped and it is not game over, she is obviously put in a cell to escape. The one thing that always remains the same when she's in this situation is her costume, regardless of what she's wearing 91st the time of her capture. I was thinking that perhaps you should implement the struggles in each of her different costumes. For example, if she was caught in the wedding dress, she has to escape in the wedding dress.

If you wish to go above and beyond, it could be interesting to make each costume have a different level of difficulty to escape with.

October 17, 2017. DevArt - MasterPiece91

Reply^ 1. A real clock strikes me as adding an unnecessary level of stress to the mechanics. Very little is real-time based in the game, so having it so here seems unfitting and unnecessary.

2. Again, unnecessary level of complication, though I wouldn't mind the blindfold. Yet the game is too far advanced to really consider any of this. Even if it was viable, it would take more thought than that to be implemented, as what I'm reading right now is just a time sink. It's already arrow spam...

3. That sounds natural.

4 and 5. eh... that would be fine, though for all of this, I suppose the big question is: are you willing to put it in yourself? I'm not even a developer, and this sounds like quite a bit of energy to implement besides the rest of the game's mechanics. It's not even the code, it's the art and the variability of a character's situation in this scenario. Kinda cool idea, but I fundamentally disagree with the time mechanics. I wouldn't see that doing anything for the game. ~ArenaSnow 1/08/17

Reply2^ -

☀It's okay, I do not want to give you a hard time, and I'm guessing in your game, and I also agree that a lot of things complicate the overall dynamics of the game, and the programming as well. In short, everything I said before, and after reaching the Pirates stage, that if you fight a lot with the pirate there herself, change the gag for one that does not come out, and then she ends up changing the strings by chains and Game Over , It will be very difficult to implement, try to take the chains, but you will not be able to, but use Make Noise, and if the Guard or Pirate comes, try the Charm, to go back to the ropes, or not, or be the rebel and Try to knock out the guard, and if there are not more points left, then comes Game Over.  At this moment downloading version 1.8. RPAR 01/08/17

I'm, ah, not entirely sure where that paragraph went as it was a huge comma spliced sentence. So I'll simply clarify that I made the statements as an independent player with no connection to the development team. Heck, what ties I had to the discord community base I pretty much severed anyways. :p ~ArenaSnow 3/08/17

  • This would be added onto new capture/escape mechanics: Whenever your team is captured but it's not an automatic game-over (ex: if you're captured one time in the first mission, or if you're captured while trying to jail-break the guild boss in the Haab Desert mission), there should be some sort of option (menu, button mashing, etc.) to attempt to resist being captured. If you choose to submit instead, you are automatically captured and whatever happens after occurs normally.  If you attempt to resist you have a chance of escaping from the encounter that you just lost, but if you fail you get a penalty (such as your bindings are tightened, you're put in a more secure location, etc.) In order to balance it your chances of succeeding are 50% first time, 25% second time, and 0% every time after that. Your chances always decrease regardless of whether or not you succeeded the previous time. DeviantBrowser37 8/25
  • Major +1 to a petrification skill, especially since it would make so much sense in the Trophy Room.  Also, maybe a mummification/suspension ability as part of the secure bindings ability (or separate ones in the trophy room). CornerWriter 6/17
  • You could make other weapons/armor for Athena/Carol; that'd be nice. So far carol is pretty weak and often gets subdued.
  • There could be 'capturing' traps which would be invisible until stepped on (say hidden magic manacles that close on Suki's feet) and would affect the overworld sprite, these traps would have to be escaped by following commands or just button mashing or whatever, they wouldn't instantly alert enemies but if spotted you have to escape before they reach you or it's an instant capture. A Wikia contributor, April 25, 2013.
  • What if when suki was being subdued there was a little mini game that gave you a very slim chance of escaping becoming a damsel, maybe like the one where you capture other girls but harder, don't want the game to become too easy. A Wikia contributor, April 28, 2013.
  • The ability from the Genie to tie others is available to the party members. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • When under the "silenced" effect, the player is shown gagged. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • Different items like chains, belts, or tape, each more difficult to get out of than the other. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • Items and spells for the player that cause the silenced effect, ballgag and muzzle as item examples. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • Suggestion: Add in a control that allows Suki to struggle and moan when using a bound graphic. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • When Suki and Carol cameo in Rakenzarn Tales, they each get some new moves. (Suki gets Wild Dance, Carol gets Greased Lightning and Saber Dance) Could those moves be used in this game? It'd make for a nice bit of recursion, a nod to their cameo and you'd save some time coming up with new attack ideas for them. Jacob175 (talk) 00:31, October 7, 2013 (UTC)
  • From what I can tell, weakened enemies can attack, but deal zero damage, so they only serve to slow the pace of combat (even and this version of RPGmaker doesn't have a "Hold Shift to speed up" function either) causing the weakened state to automatically force them to skip their turn would speed things up considerably. -Iamnuff december 24 2013
  • Perhaps instead of looser bindings from a higher escape level, you could get an automatic multiplier for your first attempt at struggling: for example, level 10 could grant a x2 multiplier at the start of your escape, and level 50 Escape could grant a x6 multiplier, and so on. Obviously, this would require a level cap of sorts, if not already available. TheMightierWolf, 1/22/14, 12:06 EST
  • The opportunity to loot unconscious guards (or tied up damsels!) for gold and items.  There are very few times I felt short of items or money but when I did I wish I had more ways to get it.  More things to buy from vendors would be nice too. -boundforfun, 4/10/14
  • Mechanic: current missions don't really encourage this, but if there were ever a raid mission, or something to do with attacking a house or an enclosed area, then a surrender mechanic for opposing damsels would be cool. If you use your three separate characters, and station them (separately) at exits and places of escape, then when Suki breaks down the door, a small animation could play out where the frightened damsels attempt to flee, but are cut off. Suki orders them against a wall, where they're tied up, gagged, and led off into slavery. The animation is a reward for correct placement of your attacking forces. -random, 7-31-14
  • Mechanic: Since the Escape button seems to be useless at this point why not remove it? Or instead it could serve as an option for when Suki runs out of rope rather than surrender. The escape could be successful based on chance. --TheLyingWabbit (talk) 02:22, October 30, 2014 (UTC)
  • Mechanic: When captured and given an escape chance, have the position/severity of the tie and gagging represent the situation in how much time to escape and how tightly you are tied. - jcullinane 01/03/15
  • Mechanic: Give modifiers to further set each party member apart (just like battle speed - Carol fast, Suki middle, Athena slow) and apply to the Escape system: Suki is all around, but Carol perhaps could have an overall penalty on struggling but a bonus on seduction, while Athena could have an overall penalty on seduction but have her own bonus on struggling. This of course could be compensated for my leveling assuming that you either let Carol or Athena get captured on purpose to train escape in missions where you have party swap or have them available to use the Escape training in the lair. - jcullinane 01/12/2015
  • Skill: I think it would be interesting that certain enemies, or maybe bosses, had an effect like charm that they could target one of your party members...something that would turn your own party member against you temporarily (or even for just one turn) so you'd really have to be on guard. - jcullinane 01/13/15
  • Skills: Magic debuffs that Suki can cast which take the form of bondage gear or other restraints. For example, she could conjure a gag to silence an enemy spellcaster or summon a ball and chain to make an enemy suffer an agility penalty. These might also make for interesting enemy abilities - perhaps we could encounter a bondage witch on a side mission? - 19/2/2015
  • Skill idea: In keeping with Carol's acquired abilities as a thief, give her some kind of battle option (aka Edge in FFIV) to be able to pickpocket an enemy combatant for maybe some gold or a minor item (potion, etc). Perhaps this can be only done when they are either weakened or subdued (or Carol can only do when not weakened) or maybe can be done anything but if it fails the enemy gets an attack with increased damage or a chance to subdue Carol instantly, etc. - jcullinane 02/22/15
  • Maybe have something like a ranking system within the guild. Basically, you advance in the ranks the more girls you kidnap. Advancing in ranks provides you bonuses like say new, items, costumes, new restraints for the private cell, an expansion of your trophy room and/or your captive holding cell. Maybe it changes a few dialogs as well as people within the guild start respecting you as a damn good kidnapper instead of this strange side-project the Guildmaster is trying. -fenerismoon 24/04/2015
  • Tickling torture mechanic - used when there is going to be interrogation (like in Huston Village when defeated by Rookie Guard during the first encounter). Graphically, it would use the same assets as Escape System from 1.7, but with bare footed Suki (it would work only with her). Mechanic - a mix of new Escape System and Damsel Ambush. Like with Damsel Ambush, the goal is to hit the mark, but each time player use action button the timer ticks down, no matter if hit or miss. The special bar would be put at the right side of screen (replacing the action options for Suki during Escape) with two marks: break and surrender. Now, everytime a player miss the mark during minigame the bar rises and lowers when player get a hit. If the bar is above "Break" mark when the time runs out, Suki breaks under the torture and answers the question truthfully (they would be like three questions during interrogation) and the nex question is asked. If the bar is above "Surrender", or Suki breaks during all three questions, then Suki surrenders to torture and spills out everything, resulting in a game over. If bar is below "Break", Suki resisted the torture, interrogator leaves to prepare for another session and player gets a one Escape chance. If succesfull, Suki is free and game progress as usual, if not, interrogator is back and the next question is asked and minigame continues. Resisting all three questions results in breaking free without playing Escape minigame or someone comes to rescue Suki. - Bambusek 1/09/2015  
  • How about after each mission, the battle with Carol in the Lair is a little different? Like after Mission 3, when you can normally practice battles with Carol is the regular battle, but after you beat Mission 4, she has a little more HP, and maybe the Charm skill, after Mission 5, she gets Claw Attack and so on. Anon 01/27/16  
  • In mission 6, the pirate guarding your cell will bind you with chains after 3 failed struggle attempts. It would be cool if this 3 strike mechanic made it into other missions as well. Mammothkane, 2016-10-24  
  • Additional binding mechanics could be added to the escape minigame. Some Examples: Blindfold - increases the noise effect of failed arrow prompts (so fewer failures to bring in a guard) and maybe Suki can't move while it's on. Hogtie - a separate thing Suki has to struggle out of. She can't free arms or legs until it's gone. Crotchrope - A separate thing Suki can struggle out of. While on, the struggle bar is shortened (less time) and Suki visibly rests after each struggle. Random Guy Jan/7/2017  

Private Cell IdeasEdit

  • Me gustaría muchas ideas como
  • the one of being able to tie the captives of different forms or that the captives can try to escape
  • - That they can get their clothes and many other things like,
  • -More gag and more mmmp sounds ... anonymus 16/10/2017
  • Not sure if this would be too complex, but since we already have unique designs for the trophy damsels, how about a way where Suki can steal their clothing and dress up in their default outfits and leave them in their undies? Maybe take it slow at first as this would require redrawing Suki over and over again for battle and walk around pics, but I'd love to see her impersonate some of the captives like the angel, sort of like the Wedding Crasher side quest,,,, anonymus 16/10/2017
  • (Animo works hard that the game is falling out of glory)
  • Individual Special Bindings for each damsel. Suki can threaten Alexie with mummification, so why not follow through with that?
  • Add a groping mechanic because why not? Also I would like it if you could slowly take off their clothes...Grope Grope.
  • Tying up their legs and ankles should be included in private cell. The view can stay the same but should have an option of dragging down the screen to view the legs and ankles bound and zooming out to see the whole picture. A back view is also nice to view how the hands are tied. gregory6464 Jan/3/2015
  • There should be an option for when after the player is finished with Suki in the Private Cell, there is the option to send Suki to a regular cell.  This could be explained as Carol wanting more time with Suki later.  This would launch the escape minigame, either with unlimited time or if you run out of time you are brought back to the Private Cell.  It would be like the Escape Training except Carol has instructed the guard to keep you there so it plays like an actual escape minigame, just without the game-over.  deviantbrowser37 1/13
  • There should be a way to train the girls you capture and use them for "activites" to enhance Suki's stats. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • You have the option to take Suki to the private cell, either by going there with Suki, while it's empty, then you could make use of the self bondage ability. Or if Suki "lost" a battle with either Carol or Athene you could get the option of taking control over either of them while you have Suki in the private cell, then when you leave the cell just make them release her. Again, a fast way to "loose" these battles could be done with the self bondage ability. I really like the skill, and feel like it could be put to more effective use. Pointlol, April 25, 2013.
  • Similar idea about Suki, but it would actually be out of the players control, Athena/Carol could decide what to do with Suki based on partially mood which would give mood a little more meaning.  Some randomness would be involved of course, but they could decide to leave you tied up in the lair for a while, like you can with them, or take you to the private cell with all the options available to them as to you. A Wikia contributor, April 25, 2013.
  • Idea for expanding the Private Cell, perhaps you could get extra furniture for it such as stocks or a cross or the like, which again Carol/Athena would be able to put Suki in for a while. A Wikia contributor, April 25, 2013.
  • About the private cell, what if you charm certain characters like the female guard to a certain amount they can become a companion in battle but if this was done I think you'd have to alter the charm thing so it's a bit harder rather then mash the charm or compliment command. A Wikia contributor, April 27, 2013.
  • Captives are able to escape when either left in the private cell or while you toy with them inside of it, taking Suki's clothing and walking off while leaving you bound and gagged for a while. This would help the player sometimes, especially when the shop keeper is taken and you want to go back to buy the skills or weapons again, or just let you able to replay through the extra fights. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • Once Suki gets captured by Carol, give a menu where you're the captive? Once she gags or changes your gag you can react a certain way and that alters the mood of the character keeping you bound and makes when you're set free dependent on whether or not you obey or resist, the character can even leave Suki in a private cell or trophy cell where you start at the beginning of the game, allowing you to take control of them or a minigame to escape. A Wikia contributor, May 4, 2013.
  • When you lose a training battle with Carol and she wants to play with Suki, the player turns into Carol and plays with Suki. Anonimo614 7/5
  • Suggestion: Give an option for a practice battle with Leroy, in which he is extremely strong (being an EXPERT kidnapper and all) and can give a special prize if beaten. However, should Suki (and companions, possibly) lose against him, he gets to take her/them into the Private Cell, in which a short cutscene of him standing in front of her/them, with "Hitting" animations occurring as they cry out through their gags. TheMightierWolf, 8/24/13
  • How about a means to practice the new escape system introduced in 1.6.3CB? One of your party members can tie Suki up, giving the player a chance to fiddle around with it, and if Suki fails to escape in time, she's taken to the private cell or something similar. It could also be used as a means to level the escape skill, though naturally if it's risk free it shouldn't level nearly as fast as an actual escape attempt where a game over is on the line. Vn70072 11/3/2013
  • Maybe more complex dialog system in the private cell? For example, to earn your captive's sympathy you can not only say compliments, or charm, or kiss again and again, but there's an option: a system of how your captive reacts on your actions, remembering all of what took place before. If you hit her hard, she will not forgive you, whatever you'll do next. Same with the insults, and so on. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • Also I completely agree with the opinion that it would be much better if dialogs and phrases of each girl were more or less unique, depending on their characters. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • Add an opportunity to take any captive (even not the one at the Hall, at least beautiful ones :) to the private cell. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • More variety of mmphs, especially in the private cell. - boundforfun, 4/10/14
  • Now that the game have some open world areas, I was thinking that could be used as a new way to recapture the "trophy damsels". It basicly goes like this: When you have completed all the availible story missions, there would be an option to release one, or all of your trophy damsels. When released they would escape to the open world areas, as the lost forest, or the new place in Haab desert etc. Maybe they could even hide inside some of the previous completed missions, (so you have to replay theese missions to recapture them). One of the NPC's could be a "locater, telling you in witch area your trophy damsels are hiding if your having trouble finding them again, or just don't want to search everywhere for them. Further lets say you got all the trophy damsels captured, and decides to release them. Then they might even make groups together, so that they would be more challenging to recapture. Im thinking some of the "strong" damsels like The guard woman, Captain Marcia, the amazon queen, and such would either be the "leaders" of theese groups. Where they would recruit some of the other trophy damsels, or just random world NPC's (either male or some of the other females wondering arround in the areas. The beach girls if in the pirate mission, or guars if in the snow village etc.) to fight you, should you come back to recapture them. The other damsels that are less "strong" individually, like: The maid and the Archeologist, would either join bands with the "strong" damsels, or get captured by some other kidnapper or thief group entirely. Then you would have a diffrent objektive, in trying to get them back from thieves, merchenaries and the sort. I think something like this could be fun for ekstra replay value, for the open world areas, and the missions. And also making the thropy damsels appear more, giving the player some ekstra opportunities to get new challenges capturing them again, fighting greater battles where they join forces, or simply just adding the option to hunt for them again, without starting a new game. Pointlol, 14/9-14
  • Private Cell idea: In the spirit of several ideas above, have some kind of small chance or trigger or set of triggers during Private cell time where the Private Cell captive can escape and either battle Suki for her freedom to escape the cell/lair or simply tie Suki up for her to try to escape while they make a run for it from the lair on their own. - jcullinane 01/12/2015
  • Could you add Kurui to the private cell? - argoz, Translation of "Anonymus Contributer IP:"
  • Perhaps some sort of "magic collar" or such attached to the trophy damsels. They would be allowed to roam the overworld, opening up the possibility of being plot-relevant in later chapters as contacts or experts in their fields, but, thanks to the magic of the collar, Suki could teleport them into the private cell whenever she feels like it. This would also prevent the trophy hall from getting too big from holding dozens of damsels as the story gets longer. --Ghost 11/20/15
  • If Suki performs self bondage in the PC in the current build (Ver. 1.7 Demo 2), Carol is always the one to find her even if Carol is in prison. I'm sure this is already being worked on, but I'd like to see more than just, say, Leroy replacing Carol. My suggestion is: If Carol is free (=not in prison or trophy hall), then she's always the one to find Suki and will play with her. If Carol is imprisoned (prison or trophy hall), then one of the other teammates is going to find Suki and will let her go (this is to avoid writing more PC dialogue for Athena and Evelyn). If all teammates are imprisoned, then Suki realizes she can't get out of the bonds herself. There's a 50/50 chance of either Leroy immediatley stumbling upon Suki and freeing her, or of a Escape minigame triggering. If Suki succeeds, she is spawned in the living quarters as usual. If she fails, Leroy frees her instead.
  • Suki talking with their captives more, building rapport, maybe ransoming them too for items. Archaelogist girl for example, could be united with her friends and freed (only to be captured later if the player wishes) both for plot kindness and a good reward instead of keeping them forever (Suki being more normal in 1.7) Nataleigh could be given more freedom to wander and serve drinks in guild for better treatment. (and clean up after men hehe)
  • Now that Suki can (and does) take Athena and Evelyn to the private cell, it only makes sense that they would think of a way to get back at her. Here are a few ideas of random events:

The rigged escape practice (Athena): when Suki chooses to practice her escape artist skills at the guild, every once in a while, the guard could make her bonds inescapable (by using chains, or leaving her a much too short amount of time. When Suki fails to escape, then Athena would show up and say that she's taking her to the private cell for more rigorous training. When they get there, Athena would confess that she just might have bribed or threatened the guard into doing it.

The self-bondage trap (Evelyn): as Evelyn doesn't really like physical confrontation, she might choose a sneakier approach. She could put a spell on the bondage gear inside the chest of the private cell, to make them jump Suki and tie her up as soon as she opens it. Once Suki would be helpless, Evelyn could just walk into the cell and spend some quality time with her.

The night assault (Carol): true, Carol can already take Suki to the private cell, but we all know she can't get enough of her. There could be a random event where Suki goes to sleep, and suddenly Carol attacks her in the middle of the night! Once Suki is tied up and gagged, both girls are off to the private cell for some midnight fun!

Conqueror3, 30/03/17

Would love for there to be the option to release private cell captives, particularly the ones that aren't really a threat and the kinder, gentler Suki may not have a good reason to hold against their will. Like Alexie, Cilia, Esther and Risette if they can be convinced to remain silent by Suki's good nature, and so on. I admit I felt kinda bad having to hold them captive in the Lair, especially the latter four. I think all of the private cell captives could feasibly be released if they agree to certain conditions, or are convinced that Suki's not so bad after getting to know her or who she really is, with some being more difficult than others of course.

Rubs me the wrong way a bit that the Suki who jumps into the fray to help people, begs for mercy for Alexie, tries to save the captives of pirates, is massively conflicted about even tying people up let alone kidnapping, and all in all is opposed to slavery, would have a cell block of tied up personal captives, some of whom seem to be there just because and some of whom she had genuine concern for in their missions. I like Suki's new 1.7 kinder personality and the guild's whole ransom rather than slavery thing, and I'd like to think she would set them free in time. Perhaps at the very least, some dialogue in the private cell in which Suki assures them that they're only being held captive for a little while. Several lines already imply that, like Esther being told she can't be released "just yet" or Risette being told she's being taken away "for a while, not forever" when she's captured in her shop.

And hey, who says just because Suki releases them, she cant pop back to their home zone and kidnap them again for a little fun? Hehe. -ST 4/15/2017

Maybe you can pick some of the captives as a companion once you earned enough trust or they love how you treated them or maybe you do something special for them.

Other IdeasEdit

  • in the capture / escape thangs the characters shod be tied up in difint was and not the same way evry time and if you fall if you are not Suki win you fall you are put in the trophy hall but if you are Suki you are put in her cell - gray fullbuster
  • I like many of these Ideas and here is one of my own. I would like to focus on the Lair. Maybe put in a system where if you have enough gold you can talk to the Guildmaster and do some purchases (ex. expand the personal cell, more trophy cells, tools for the cells, and put in some rooms/cells where you can have a tailor or doctor). When all of these purchases are done maybe Suki can use some of the area surrounding the Lair to put in certain buildings that can help raise more money such as a casino or an auction hall for the slavers guild to rent. These are just a couple of ideas, I will put on more when I can think of them.
  • Let me explain some of the ideas I have mentioned above. The tailor once kidnapped is used to make any and all future costumes for Suki, the prisoners, etc. (she also increases the value of the prisoners). The doctor can be used as the first of many characters that can do any number of things such as increasing the value of the prisoners, upgrading your characters, and increasing your standing in the guild (an example of this is kidnapping a new cook). The small town I mentioned with the casino can be used for many things such as building a smith and/or engineers guild(s) that can help with the Lair and in Idea I have for when it is time to deal with a certain traitorous queen. I will explain more about the town and my ideas for the mission at a later time. And finally an extra idea I have for the lair. after completing the pirate mission if you go to the guildmaster an option will come up where if certain requirements are fulfilled a tunnel will be made in the Lair that leads to a hidden cove where a certain former pirate ship is docked. This ship can become a second Lair and be used to open up several new missions. Also aboard the ship is a certain blue-haired pirate that is found secured to the mast. you have the choice to release her or take her below deck regardless she can be recruited (will be more loyal after being taken below deck). The ship can be fully customized to have a number of things depending on certain missions and things done in the lair or town. If you like my ideas please let me know below here.
  • An idea for the opening story. The part where Suki is kidnapped is so rushed, maybe a bit more of story in between, like they are talking on the wagon and then the kidnappers arrive. Just an idea. Raven 05/21/2014
  • A lot of people seem to be donating time and artistic talent to this project. I wish there was a paypal or something where people not directly involved in planning and creation could donate, almost like  a commission. supercaesar 12/26
  • Here's an idea for a little shout-out. You could examine one of the book cases and it reads "'To Serve Man'...wait, this is a cookbook!" Jacob175 23:49, October 1, 2011 (UTC)
  • Here's a m,ini-game idea. This game would allow you to tie up your captives differently and in different positions. For example you could tie her to a chair, bind her arms together, add a different gag, hang her upside down, etc. You could even dress her in different clothes before you start tying. After tying, they begin to struggle, and there would be an Escape bar and Restrain bar next to her. Restrain bar shows how tied your damsel is, and as she struggles, the Escape bar will bounce up and down, somewhat like a Test you Might mini-game in a fighting game. If the escape bar is higher than the restrain bar before time runs out, (10 seconds at best maybe) she miraculously free herself. If not, then she submits, and in the campaign, you could earn free Xp points! This mini-gane could be available in both main menu and downtime in the campaign. In main menu, you could choose which girl to tie up, be it Suki, Carol, other female companions and even the female enemies you've encountered. It's purely for fun and to satiate your bondage lust. In the campaign, during downtime, you could do this to your trophy damsels. KCcoplin, June 7 2012.
  • Perhaps there could be an alignment change for Suki during the story? Like during the missions, they could make her more evil or more good, depending on what the missions are. I know kidnapping's inherently evil, but the story behind the Mage Tower mission appeared to be for a good purpose, that the mages were practicing forbidden magic, and Suki was sent to kidnap them and stop their actions. Perhaps there could be more? Just an idea. KCcoplin, June 9 2012.
  • A cheat to level up the other companions? (I mean we already have it for Suki it's not like that would make it OP) Anonymous Contributer ????
  • At the start of the game where the preferred gag type is chosen, by the player, it should apply on the captured damsels depending on which gag you choose. So if you choose tape at the start the captured damsels is gagged with tape, when you capture them/in private cell, etc. Suggested from: barjoe01, May 4, 2013.
  • A button for skipping dialog, could be really helpful for when you replay the missions. Pointlol, May 9, 2013.
  • Make Carol have some dialoges in the Ghiaccio Village. GoodGamer14 6/26
  • Be nice to see some more artwork, especially when we lose. Anonymous Contributer ????
  • More minigames? Tying up a captive (maybe the same as combat mode, with actions like knock down, catch/block a hand, etc. until the capture is done; if failed - a fight starts); same one - if someone tries to tie Suki up, with you (Suki) resisting; if you got caught - a break-free minigame.
  • Just started the game, but the very opening seriously needs work. "Oh I was kidnapped" "oh hey, i just kidnapped you, but I don't believe you're a princess, so you're gonna join my guild" "oh, ok then" she even explicitly mentioned that she had a free shot at his back when she was getting changed, but didn't take it because "it wasn't worth it" which is possibly the dumbest reason not to kill your kidnapper ever. you need to alter the opening so she has an actual motive for joining the guild, rather than "lol I dunno, why not" Even from a porn game, that's still a terrible plot. -Fled
    • We are working on that.
  • Also, why is the game menu only acessible from chests instead of bound to the X key like in every other RPGmaker game? -Fled
  • When playing/testing this game it would seem beneficial if only to the player to allow for the ability of skipping dialogue/scenes, this is most desirable when dealing with lengthy cut-scenes such as those found in the Haab desert mission, which is dialogue heavy. I find myself replaying levels multiple times, and having to deal with the lengthy dialogue, either because I wanted to check the secret area or because I've been forced to restart from the beginning, more than a tad tedious. But I would prefer it an option more so than an automatic mechanic, since I am sure even if it were implemented there are those who would like to replay to see the dialogue. --TheLyingWabbit (talk) 05:04, December 24, 2013 (UTC)
  • More variety of bonds, gags, and blindfolds, both in the private cell and in battle.  Maybe an option to Subdue using something besides rope.  Also, unlockable outfits for trophy captives and party members. - boundforfun, 4/10/14
  • Maybe some added mechanics for capturing or binding, or a struggle mechanic while carrying a damsel.  I'd love to be able to choose how I tie up my captives outside the private cell.  Maybe even a way to subdue a damsel without rope, like handgagging them and dragging them to a secure place to tie them up. - boundforfun, 4/10/14
  • This suggestion might be a little controversial, but I feel the GiD community doesn't get to have any of the fun sometimes.  Maybe there could be a mission (even just a side mission) where you work for a guild that specializes in kidnapping male slaves? - boundforfun, 4/10/14
  • It could be fun to be able to rescue prisoners from the jail to find more allies, or re-kidnap jail prisoners for the private cell or profit. - boundforfun, 4/10/14
  • Maybe adding some way to alter music volume ? The music is nice and I know that gagging is supposed to hinder mouth sounds, but I'd like to hear "mmmphing" more clearly. - Lee_got_Her, 05/10/2014
  • More daggers for Suki, for example daggers with effects based off of elements. You've already got something like that with the Fire Ember dagger, it would be cool to see more. --TheLyingWabbit (talk) 23:36, June 2, 2014 (UTC)
  • More gag options ~anonflop 6/26/14
  • Animation idea: whenever sprites on screen are being marched away, I always get taken out of the narrative a bit, because there's no visual reason why they couldn't just run off. A very glaring example would be the mission where Suki is escorting two captured slaves (ALONE) through a forest. Literally, there is no reason why they don't run off. If they run off two separate ways, then at LEAST one will escape, right? So visually, it's hard to tell why. I'd appreciate it very much if a small animation of a rope was visible between captives who were tied up, so it could function like a coffle line would. (Leash one to the other behind her.) This way, it gives them a reason to stay in line, and move along obediently. This could be used in other places as well- I always thought it was sort of cheap that you could just toss people into your lair from wherever. I liked the carrying animation- why not drag them along by a rope? -random 7/31/14
  • As a followup to this, why not extend game over scenes? (Or at least give the option to.) When you're captured by forest bandits, show Suki AND her companions roped up and actually animate them getting led off to the house. Then have them sold on screen. I mean, the point of this isn't to just "get from a to b", is it? It's enjoying what's happening. You could make a way to skip the scene for those who don't want to watch. -random
  • During Mission 5, been able to betray Athena after she gives you access to the underground passage, after betraying her, just like Carol, you take her as an Non-Selleable prisoner for the Guild until you decide to recruit her or freeing her. Goodgamer14 8/16/14
  • Carol having some dialoges during Mission 4 regarding that she lived there. Goodgamer14 8/16/14
  • In the Slaver Camp, been able to sell your companions or yourseft to slavery to gain money or pay an debt, later to be rescued from prison. Goodgamer14 8/16/14
  • Having Carol and/or Athena retained and bound and gagged on Desert Guild hideout. (based on the words from the guildmaster about how non-trusteable they were/are) sgtcortez14 8/16/14
  • Carol and Athena having some conversations on the Guild Hideout and/or Missions. sgtcortez14 8/16/14
  • Been able to be Kidnapped on North Coast Harbor by kidnappers or Slavers. sgtcortez14 8/16/14
  • Blindfolds beyond the Private Cell and the Haab Desert game over screen might be interesting. They could add another layer of difficulty to the escape system or play some other role in gameplay. e.g in a bonus mission Suki may find herself trying to escape a maze-like dungeon while bound, gagged and blindfolded, with only a small portion of the screen around her to navigate by. - 1/24/2015
  • Assuming Suki has an overall sarcastic/pessimistic/wisecracking personality due to her captivity, how about adding a scene or two to the intro in between her initial kidnapping and where she fights her way out of her cell where we get to see her transition from DiD to more of a tough cookie? - jcullinane 0127/15
  • Maybe have a male character in the party who still follows the combat rules for male characters. AKA is knocked out instead of subdued. Meaning you better watch his health because it's really inconvenient if he is knocked out in a fight, but maybe he's tougher than the girls to balance it out. I was thinking something like some hapless apprentice the Guildmaster has dumped on Suki. He's secretly terrified of her, is still figuring things out, but he actually has a lot of potential. He's also really good with knots, as Suki discovers to her cost. A possible scene could be Suki getting captured and her apprentice coming back to consciousness mcuh later, and realizing he once again has to break his teacher out of jail/captivity. fenerismoon 23/04/2015
  • "Suki tied to chair in Nataleigh's room" picture as game over screen for Velis Manor :) I think it would be a more fitting a game over for this mission and there is a very few game overs with Suki tied to something. - Bambusek, 1/09/2015
  • Hi there! I would like especially to see a relationship with Saria and Leroy maybe when he rescues her in Huston Village she can kiss him? Or when she loses a battle to Leroy he can take her to the private cell and they can make out while Saria is tied up. (Sorry they'd just be perfect together.) Also, can you guys add knives to the game? I have so many ideas for different ones. You could put a Pocketknife, Stiletto Knife, Karambit, Machete, and a Tanto in the game. Also, you should add a ninja mission in the game. You should also add more companions, and have Suki get revenge on Kurui by making an auction that sells her and her Captain to be slaves for the highest bidder. I would also like Leroy to permanently join Saria's party. - BlackCat88
  • (I realize that this proposition is a bit unrealistic, but I hope you consider it. I also think that I might have actually seen hints of this in Demo 2, but just to be sure). I'd like to see individual game over screens for being defeated in a main antagonist battle, and also longer game over scenes more similar to 1.6.4 (gladiator fight etc). In all of them, the antagonist should be gloating, and it should also be related to the character Suki was defeated by. It would also be cool if the screen featured the teammates that were with you, though this might be a bit much. Here's what I came up with from the top of my head:
    • Mission 1: Suki is tied to a pole (maybe along with her teammates or just random other female criminals if she's alone) while the gladiators are fighting, very similar to the original one with the exception that this might feature Esther being one of the gladiators fighting. Alternitavely, it could just be the victory ceremony where Esther is given control over Suki (and her teammates, or the random girls).
    • Mission 2: This is one where implementing teammates doesn't make sense as Nataleigh will keep them in seperate cells. It could show a frightened Suki restricted in some (reasonably) nasty way, with the shadow of a maid falling over her.
    • Mission 3: The Maunak eye letting its imagination run wild. Weird ties like letting them dangling from the ceiling or raising one of their legs, etc. You know, excotic. Perfect would be a different one for each teammate and Maka.
    • Mission 4: A mummified Suki being locked into a sarcophagus by the archaelogists (if you don't like what that's implying, then just Suki getting mummified). All teammates are fit into the same sarcophagus/are being mummified at the same time. I would actually drop the previous one, as it was a bit brutal (leaving them to die in the desert), or rather more brutal than the sarcophagus.
    • Mission 5: Suki and company are marched behind Cherisa's army as POWs, with Marcia keeping a close eye on them.
    • Mission 6: Suki used as a figurehead, one tied to the anchor (in order depending on who is with Suki: Carol > Evelyn > Athena). The rest led to the bowel of the ship in chains (or used as other parts of the ship that I can't think of right now). Again, if the anchor is too much, just have Suki's teammates led off in chains, however I would continue with the idea of a Suki figurehead.
    • That is all I have to contribute. I realize that the chances of any of that happening are slim to none, but it was still fun to think something up for these scenarios. Thanks for reading.
  • Pls add more blue chests to the Aurealis Academy level. It's a pain to walk all the way to the bottom just to save the game. -JEBtheGamer1 02/03/2017
  • I don't know if the next burglar encounter is already scripted, but I want to make a suggestion to follow the one from version 1.7.1. The burglar being really pissed off at Suki could decide to give her to someone for free instead of selling her. She could mention that she knows a real pervert who is into tied up girls and won't let her escape for sure. If Suki loses the battle, she is taken to this mistery person, who happens to be Carol. If Carol was in the trophy hall, maybe just add a line of dialogue saying that she sneaks out sometimes when she's bored. Conqueror3, 30/04/17
  • (NOTE:THIS IS IN VERSION 1.8|Also minor spoilers ahead) I think that Lieutenant Rielle should be more involved with Suki and co., as I have always liked her character and design. There are two ways that I have thought of doing this.
    • 1. Make Rielle a private cell damsel. After beating the game, there should be an option to return to the castle and go into the cells. This is where you could offer to take some of the damsels off of the castle's hands. This way, you could take Rielle back to the guild cells, and have her be a trophy damsel.
    • 2. The other way I've thought up of doing this is to have her join the guild, and become a playable character. After going to the castle cells, you could be able to go to Rielle's cell, and make her an offer. You would be able to get her out of the prison, but she would have to join the guild, and help kidnap girls. If she agrees (and hopefully she will) she would join your team, and you would have to sneak out of the castle. This would act as a side quest of sorts. This would help bring new playable characters into the game, while at the same time giving players more to do.
    • Character: Rielle would have the same skills as when she is fighting Suki, but she would be able to learn more skills at the guild. She would also have a unique way of escaping. My idea for her escaping bonuses should be that she gains a +3 bonus to legs if she removes her gag first, and a +3 bonus to arms if she unties her legs after that. If she goes in any other order, she loses -1 to everything else each time she unties her legs or removes her gag. In battle, Rielle would have to rely on her skills to win, as her normal attacks aren't very good as they deal almost no damage, like Evelyn. However, in contrast to Evelyn, she would be faster, and she would gain SP faster than everyone else. All of her skills, however, would cost a lot of SP to use, but they would be very powerful. She would be a new class as well, she would be an Archer or a Ranger. Lastly, she would be able to buy new items, such as weapons or armor, from a shop made for rangers, and it would sell new bows, arrows, and armors for Rielle.
    • So this is my idea for Rielle. This is my way of adding in a new playable character who players are familiar with. If you read all of this, thank you for your time. And if you happen to be a developer, I hope you take my ideas into consideration By: jak3ho - 8/3/2017
    • Sidenote after reading jak3hos idea, theres actually a soldier npc in the hideout who mention he was working in dungeons and knows how to get people out, that could be integrated in a side quest after finishing last chapter to get the damsels from ending out of Madinah prison to your private cell  Lloyd21 - 8/4/2017