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Didnapper v1.7 Demo Edit

NB! Only contains the first two missions, and save files from v1.6.4 and older are not compatible.

Download mirrors:

Didnapper v1.6.4 Open BetaEdit

Download mirrors:
(.ZIP file - about 119 MB)
Dropbox(introless version)
MediaFire (introless version)
(.ZIP file - about 111 MB

Installation / UpdateEdit

  1. Download the DIDNAPPER.ZIP file from the link above
  2. Unzip/extract the file anywhere on your computer
  3. If you already have v1.6.0 or a later version of the game on your computer, you can copy the save files from the Saves folder of the old version to the Saves folder of the new one to keep your old save files.
  4. Run the Game.exe file from the extracted folder
  5. (If an error shows that a .dll file is missing, download and install the RMXP RTP from the "Requirements" section below)



The RMXP Runtime Package has to be installed on your computer before you can play the game.

Click here to download and install it. (21,9MB)

Windows OS (NOT Apple computers)Edit

Didnapper (and any other RMXP game) has been reported not to work on any Mac OS or Apple computer as the file cannot be read). There is a chance it can be played however if you install a program that lets a Mac run as Windows.

for example virtualbox:

Alternatively, the program RPG Hub can be downloaded and installed, which allows non-Windows computers to run most RPG Maker programs:

Older versionsEdit

Didnapper v1.6.2Edit


Didnapper v1.6.1Edit

(No link currently available for v1.6.1)

Didnapper v1.6.0Edit

Mediafire (this is v1.6.4)
(No link currently available for v1.6.0)

Didnapper v1.5 Open Beta 5Edit

Download Mirrors:
MEDIAFIRE (.ZIP file - 42.55MB)
MEDIAFIRE (.EXE file - 42.36MB)

thumb|300px|right|The opening video from Didnapper v1.5

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