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Didnapper v1.7 Demo 3 Edit

This version contains the 6 main missions from v1.6.4, but save files from v1.6.4 and older are not compatible. However, you can use save files from the previous v1.7 demos in this update by copying them over to this game folder. The 3.1 patch file contains some additional content and bug fixes.

Download mirrors (222 MB): Edit


Android (introless) version: Edit


Demo 3.1 patch file: Edit

Unzip and paste (overwrite) in Demo 3 game folder.
PC - MediaFire
Android - MediaFire

Didnapper v1.7 Demo 2 Edit

NB! Only contains the first four missions, and save files from v1.6.4 and older are not compatible. However, you can use save files from the first demo in this update by copying them over to this game folder.

Download mirrors (212 MB):


Android (introless) version: Edit



Didnapper v1.7 Demo 1 Edit

NB! Only contains the first two missions, and save files from v1.6.4 and older are not compatible.

Download mirrors:

Didnapper v1.6.4 Open BetaEdit

Download mirrors:
(.ZIP file - about 119 MB)
Dropbox(introless version)
MediaFire (introless version)
(.ZIP file - about 111 MB

Installation / UpdateEdit

  1. Download the DIDNAPPER.ZIP file from the link above
  2. Unzip/extract the file anywhere on your computer
  3. If you already have v1.6.0 or a later version of the game on your computer, you can copy the save files from the Saves folder of the old version to the Saves folder of the new one to keep your old save files.
  4. Run the Game.exe file from the extracted folder
  5. (If an error shows that a .dll file is missing, download and install the RMXP RTP from the "Requirements" section below)



The RMXP Runtime Package has to be installed on your computer before you can play the game.

Click here to download and install it. (21,9MB)

Windows OS (NOT Apple computers)Edit

Didnapper (and any other RMXP game) has been reported not to work on any Linux-based OS or on Macintosh computers as RMXP has been compiled only for Windows. However, there are emulators/virtualizer which can simulate Windows on other OS ( it can need a strong PC, don't be afraid of lags )

for example virtualbox:

Also, for android there is the Neko RPGXP Player :

Alternatively, the program RPG Hub can be downloaded and installed, which allows non-Windows computers to run most RPG Maker programs: ( dead link ? )

There isn't, for the moment, a solution to play on any Linux-based OS with Wine or any similar programs but if you find one, don't hesitate to explain it here.

Playing Didnapper on Android Edit

It is possible to play the game on Android systems by using the Neko RPGXP Player app. The android version supports saves from the PC version (and vice versa), so you can move your save files around if you for example wish to continue your PC playthrough on your phone. When using the app there might be some glitches related to graphics and audio, but overall it works much like on Windows PC.

In order to play the game on an android device, do the following:

  1. Download and install the Neko RPGXP Player app from Google Play.
  2. Download the Android version of Didnapper from one of the designated links above and extract the .zip file somewhere on your computer.
  3. Move the Didnapper Android folder to the KernysRGSS folder on your device's SD card. Note that this folder might be hidden if it is empty. If that's the case you can choose a custom game folder in the app's settings.
  4. Run the Neko RPGXP Player, select the game and have fun 

Older versionsEdit

Didnapper v1.6.2Edit


Didnapper v1.6.1Edit

(No link currently available for v1.6.1)

Didnapper v1.6.0Edit

Mediafire (this is v1.6.4)
(No link currently available for v1.6.0)

Didnapper v1.5 Open Beta 5Edit

Download Mirrors:
MEDIAFIRE (.ZIP file - 42.55MB)
MEDIAFIRE (.EXE file - 42.36MB)

thumb|300px|right|The opening video from Didnapper v1.5

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