Forest Path

Upon accepting the task of helping the man with the hat for the first time, the player is introduced to this new area. The man gives the player a tour of the area warning them of the potential dangers, and suggested paths to take when passing through. This area is a unique addition to the game. As it is the one of few areas where the player can engage in battles outside of missions, or bonus missions. It also presents the player with a path to a new location along with multiple NPC's with a variety of requests, and or services they can provide to the player (with the slaver's camp included.)

Other LocationsEdit

The Forest Path allows access to multiple locations such as:


  • This area was made available in the Halloween Special v1.6.3 CB
  • John's, the man with the hat, as he's referred to in the escort task, knowledge of the place suggests he's been through there many times.
  • Certain points along the paths serve as traps for those unwary to fall victim to bandit ambush parties.
  • This is the only area in the game, to date, in which a NPC actually walks the player through it.
  • This is the only area in the game outside of a mission, where you can be captured with a chance to escape.