Evelyn is a party member introduced in v1.7. She's a exchange student living at the Magic Academy that decides to help Suki and Carol during a crisis on Mission 3.


Background Edit

Evelyn is a foreign exchange student in the Auralis Academy of female mages who was somewhat disliked by her fellow classmates for being a no-risk-taker and trouble-avoiding type of girl unlike her classmates who loved to cause mischief in the Academy.

Story Edit

One day, Master Hyranda started to learn dark magic and the rest of the teachers attempted to stop her actions only to be kicked out of the Academy and kept outside with a magic barrier specifically made to kept magic users out. Hyranda then convinced the students that the teachers were kicked out due to them restraining their true potential. However, Evelyn knew that Hyranda was lying and protested her actions only to be bound and gagged and put in a cell until futher notice.

She was freed by a duo of kidnappers named Suki and Carol due to their unfamiliarity with the Academy and magic users. After explaining the situation, she joined and started their quest to reach Hyranda's quarters to stop her plans, eventually fighting and defeating her assistant, Maka.

Upon reaching Hyranda, they are defeated and tied up but are saved by Maka who pretended to serve Hyranda until the right moment arose to free her of her possesion by the Manuak Eye, an artifact of evil power. With Maka weakening the eye's power, they are able to defeat and free Hyranda from the possesion.

After the magic barrier outside the Academy is purged, they question who had the eye possesing Hyranda only for an older teacher named Elda to proclaim her involvement and her frustration on Evelyn and company for ruining her plan only to magically teletransport away.

Upon leaving, Carol ask Evelyn if she wants to join their guild only for her to decline, feeling that the Academy needed her and the fact that she needed to untie all the girls they tied up and stuffed in the closets of the Academy.

She reappears once again during Mission 8 attempting to have an audience with Cherisa to warn her of Elda's actions only to join up with Suki and company after her attempts end in failure.

After Mission 8, she becomes a permament partymember.

Personality Edit

She is somewhat timid, yet determined in a crisis.

Trivia Edit

  • She made her first appearance in v1.7

Gallery Edit

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