Dariana (only known as the Pirate Captain on older versions) is the main antagonist in the Pirate Mission alongside Alyssa.


Captain Dariana (v1.7)


There is not much known about Dariana before the mission, but apparently she had been attacking merchant boats, robbing merchandise and taking females as captives to be sold as slaves for some time. As a result of her illicit activities, she's managed to make many enemies.

Months before the events of the story, she raided a merchant boat from the Vermello Trading Company and took one of its protectors, a girl named Alyssa, as a prisoner to be ransomed off to the company. However, her boss refused to pay the ransom for selfish reasons. After several weeks, Alyssa would offer to join the crew and would become Dariana's mole on the Vermello Company.


Version 1.6 Edit

Dariana makes her first appearance in Mission 6. Here Suki is hired to take care of her pirate gang, in exchange for getting safely over the seas.

When Suki and Kurui find her on the Pirate Ship, Kurui reveals her true identity as Dariana's second in command.

Dariana then calls an ambush party:

  • If Suki (and Carol/Athena) defeat the ambush party, the entire crew will be tied and gagged. Suki will then attempt to take control of the ship, but ultimately fail and crash on shore. The kidnapper(s) then leave(s) the pirates behind, later to be collected by the Admiral.
  • If Suki (and Carol/Athena) surrender or are defeated, the former will be tied, gagged, and thrown overboard onto a boat. Later the Captain and Kurui go into the bar in North Coast Harbor to finish some business, where they bring along Suki's companion (Carol/Athena) bound and gagged with them. Whether they intended to sell the companion or keep her is unknown. Suki discovers their location, and without an ambush party to support them, Suki defeats them both in battle. After Suki frees her companion (Carol/Athena), the harbor admiral enters, and thanks Suki for her efforts, before bringing Dariana and Kurui to justice (or possibly slavery).

Version 1.8 Edit

Dariana is first seen on her ship after Alyssa leads Suki on board welcoming her back and watching Alyssa knock Suki out. After Suki escapes and makes her way below deck Dariana is seen conversing with Alyssa assuring her the fact the merchants now know she is a spy was not her fault and insisting Alyssa call her by name, a pirate then comes down and alerts them to Suki's presence and a fight starts.

  • If defeated: Suki will ungag Dariana to question her, Dariana is surprisingly cooperative claiming she knows how to admit when she is beaten but refuses to relinquish her captives to Suki. After the pirates trick Suki into docking in their hidden cove, Dariana is freed and watches as Alyssa orders Suki to surrender, if Suki jumps off the boat, Dariana will order the pirates not to pursue stating she earned it.
  • If Victorious: Dariana will decide Suki is too dangerous to hold and order her set adrift in a lifeboat and, despite Alyssa's protest, she kicks Suki off the ship personally. After getting the money to pay for a ride back to the guild, Suki will spot Dariana and Alyssa being mean to a woman they bumped into before heading to a bar. If Suki decides to go after them she will confront them in a private room, during the fight Dariana will order Alyssa to go for reinforcements and battle Suki alone. After being defeated, Suki takes her stolen gold back and members of the Royal Navy arrive to arrest her noting they already captured the others except for Alyssa.

Depending on the outcome, Alyssa's motivations will change during Mission 9.

  • If Dariana was not arrested, Alyssa will reveal to Suki that she was sent by her to capture her and force her to join their crew by invoking Stockholm Syndrome.
  • If Dariana was arrested, Alyssa reveals that Dariana was sent to a high-security prison and that she will have her revenge against Suki by capturing her. During the epilogue, after Alyssa is freed alongside the rest of Suki's captives or escapes from Belbasa, she's shown freeing Dariana from prison.


Version 1.6 Edit

Dariana is extremely calculative and greedy. She is seen to trust her crew and their abilities a lot, as she predicted that Kurui would return to her ship without any problems.

She likes to humiliate her enemies after their defeat, as seen when Suki surrenders to her on the pirate boat.

Version 1.7 Edit

Her personality is much the same in this version with some additions, she is shown to be cautious ordering Suki to be set adrift feeling she is too resourceful to safely keep prisoner having escaped once, she displays cruelty kicking Suki of the ship and into the lifeboat for taking too long and casually threatening a person she bumped into. However she does display some decent qualities if defeated on the ship she will actually suggest Suki take her hostage claiming knows how to admit when she is beaten and showing some respect for Suki's decision to jump off the ship to escape after being lead to the pirate's cove. Alyssa also notes that she is thought of as a mother by her crew, indeed she appears gentle and caring with them comforting Alyssa when is annoyed at being exposed as a spy and insisting she call her by name and staying behind to fight Suki alone while ordering her to escape back to the ship. If Dariana is not arrested at the end of Mission 6, she will sent Alyssa to hunt down Suki to make her join her gang whenever she likes it or not via Stockholm syndrome, similarly of how Alyssa was turned into a loyal member of her gang, impliying that Dariana has done more than once.

Strategy Edit

  • This strategy requires the player to have a magic lamp, an IKO bomb, and the Hypnosis skill. After going through the pirate ship, in the room right before the player encounters the pirate captain they'll find a menu chest which they can use to summon the Genie, this cannot be done before the mission is started, if the player hasn't already completed it once or they have already brought another companion. Before beginning the ambush try to make sure that your health and energy are as high as possible, as you'll need them to be, particularly the energy. Once the Genie is summoned begin the ambush. Use the IKO bomb to essentially weaken all of the pirates attacks, wait to use the genie. At this point all the pirates are weakened, use Suki's hypnosis ability to put at least six of the eight members of the ambush party to sleep. At this point Suki can start subduing the now sleeping pirates while the genie force captures the pirates that are awake. Be aware that the Genie can only be used three times, so use the genie sparingly. Be prepared to use hypnosis again if more than one member of the pirate crew, that isn't already subdued, wakes up or is able to free the captured crew mates. (Thanks goes to the friendly anonymous contributor on the Pirate Bay)
  • The next strategy requires a companion (preferably Carol for her speed), the feint attack, and the hypnosis ability. Again make sure both health and energy are as high as possible, this time for all members of the party, before the encounter. Once ready engage the ambush. Again have Suki use hypnosis, until at least six of the eight members of the crew are asleep. Once this is accomplished, use Suki to feint attack any other remaining crew members. Use Carol to trigger the mob rush ability. Essentially the player uses Suki, to stun any pirates that have a normal status, while Carol mob rushes or subdues the other pirates. (Thanks to and credit/inspiration from TheMightierWolf.)


Pirate2 h190

Pirate Captain (v1.6) Design/Graphic: McBound

  • She takes females from merchant boats and sells them to slavery. As evidenced by the rather large cage full of women in the pirate ship.
  • She is seen to have a history with the Desert Kidnapping Guild. However, this was never expanded upon.
  • She, the final boss of the Mage's Tower and the bride are the only female bosses that do not end up becoming available in the Private Cell.
  • Before her real name was revealed to be Dariana on v1.7. She was only known as the Pirate Captain.