If you have any ideas on new damsels or damsel types one should be able to meet in the game, feel free to list them here. These could show up either in a mission, a capturing zone or in other circumstances.

Ideas Edit

Choose style tied

Basic/General Edit

Characters Edit

Add characters you consider would fit perfectly on Didnapper, preferably OCs or from Animes if you don't mind.

  • Cynthia (K a y r u)
  • Crystal (K a y r u)
  • Alondra (Carlos1967)
  • Elvina (LostOneZero)
  • Sailor Moon and other Sailors
  • Sakura Kasagano
  • Sara (LostOneZero)
  • Lilja (caocaothedeceiver)
  • Julia (caocaothedeceiver)
  • Rui (LostOneZero)
  • Sheila (LostOneZero)
  • Fuyu (LostOneZero)
  • Aki (LostOneZero)
  • Enhancegirl (DamselBinder)
  • Insyte (DamselBinder)
  • Stellar (DamselBinder
  • Spectra (DamselBinder)
  • Valora (DamselBinder)
  • Haruhi Suzumiya
  • Asuka Langley Sohryu
  • Rei Ayanami
  • Misato Katsuragi
  • Natsumi Tsujimoto
  • Huntik (sophie casterwill)
  • Winx club
  • ulala (space 5chanel)
  • Street fighter female character
  • kerro Gunso female character
  • Creamy mami
  • minky momo

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