Damsel Ambush help 1

The help pic shown the first time the system is available


An in-game example as shown on Kendrian's Twitter.

Damsel Ambush is a gameplay mechanic first introduced in Didnapper v1.6 CB3 and continued in v1.7 for Capturing Zones.


In Capturing Zones the player is able to ambush female villagers and wandering Female Enemies. This mechanic is activated by walking up behind the target and hitting the action button. This causes a line with a pair of dots - one moving and one stationary - to appear. Press the space bar when the dots line up to try and subdue the enemy. If you succeed in hitting it twice, the damsel is instantly subdued. Only hitting it once starts a battle with the player having the upper hand. It can be cancelled without penalty, but only before an attempt is made.

An ambush earns the party up to 4 EXP, depending on how many hits the player got and whether or not the ambush was successful.