Costumes Ideas for Suki.

Please leave your ideas and how the costume will work or look.


  • Ninja Outfit

Look: resembles Taki from Soul Calibur.

Effect: Suki will run much faster

Idea by: GoodGamer14


  • Small Bikini

Look: a sexy purple tight bikini

Effect: Male Enemies rarely attack but decreases Suki's defense by a lot.

Idea by: GoodGamer14

  • Stealth Suit

Look: a Blue Spandex Catsuit

Effect: Enemies can't spot Suki at Dark Places.

Idea by: GoodGamer14

  • Knight Armor

Look: in full body armor including a helmet

Effect: Guards or Knights will not recognize Suki and mistaken her as one of their own. In battle, her defense drastically increases but lowers her speed.

Idea by: Dark Kyu

  • Damsel

Look: Casual Clothes (Jeans and blouse)

Effect: Guards will not Follow Suki, but Female Enemies and Kidnappers will attack Suki (Kidnapper does not recognize Suki). Because of this, Suki takes double damage from Enemies and she can get tied up more easily.

Idea by:sgtcortez14

  • Disguise

Look: a normal hooded disguise.

Effect: Enemies (Guards,soldiers,kidnappers) will only attack Suki when she talks to them. Suki takes the clothes from the Assassin in the Lair.

Idea by: Goodgamer14

  • Prisoner outfit/rags

Look: Suki's clothing from the game over scenes in most dungeons.

Effect: Weak defenses and overall bad stats.

Suki is forced to wear them during a mission (or update the older missions to do this) once she's taken captive.

  • Vampire/Gothic

Look: Suki wears a black dress completed with bat-like wings and fangs. In daylight, her eyes are normal. In nighttime, her eyes turn red.

Effect: Effective during the night, the enemies and civilians (both men and women) are completely terrified by Suki that they'll immediately run away from her when they see her. However, at daylight, they're completely fine with her though they're baffled to see her in that costume.

Idea by: Dark Kyu

  • Chain Mail

Look: A chain-mail shirt, gauntlets and leg guards over top of Suki's regular outfit.

Effect: Phys. Def: 120, Mag. Def: 100, Agi: -5

Idea by: Jacob175

  • Plate Armor

Look: A full-body suit of armor, minus the helmet.

Effect: Phys. Def: 145, Mag. Def: 115, Dex: -3, Agi: -10, 1/2 movement speed on field.

Idea by: Jacob175

barbarian armour = metal bra, chainmail loincloth, leather boots

Idea by: boundforfun

  • Dominatrix outfit

Look: Tight leather body suit, corset

Effect: Increases Suki's attack power, making it easier to subdue captives.

Idea by: jcullinane

  • Shock Gauntlets

Look: Golden gloves

Effect: Inflicts Stunned state instantly to enemy on successful Melee hit. However, inflicts Stunned state instantly upon user on any successful enemy Melee hit.

  • Keyhole Sweater/Virgin Killing Sweater

Look: standard sweater w/ casual look

Effect: Chance to instantly Charm male enemies and certain female enemies at the start of battle OR boosts chances of Charm Skill working

Creator was anonymous

  • Genie's Clothing

Look: Similar to the Genie that you summon, both clothing and appearance, but it's still Suki

Effect: When equipped Suki's allies leave the battlefield for one turn, and Suki gets all the abilities of the Genie + the untouchable status. After the turn has ended Suki returns to normal, however, she loses all of her defense points and can only do one damage for the rest of the battle (so the costume loses its power for the rest of the battle and Suki becomes almost useless until the battle is over). Can be equipped mid-battle from items menu (like a option but when Suki equips it, it will automatically bring up Genie Suki's combat menu). It cannot be used on bosses, or enemies that are not meant to be KO'd easily. Genie's Clothing will be usible after the battle has ended. And

  • Rōnin Garb

Design: Kinda like the Samurai gear Erza Scarlet wore during the Tower of Heaven arc from Fairy Tail

Effect: Allows Suki to always be the first when attacking (including enemy characters). Increases attack power and raises speed at the cost of little physical defense. Ideas by QuinnTheDreamer