Chest Punch is a powerful Skill in the hands of a master. It allows them to virtually dominate the battlefield when faced with the female gender.

Availability Edit

It can be bought from Francis, the Guild member that begins the "Hostage Crisis" event, and/or the skill tutor in the Pirate Inn, for 350 gold.

During the Pirate Bay Mission, Alyssa already knows this skill by default when she joins the party, and makes more frequent use of it during the pirate ambush. It is her only true Skill, besides Subdue, and Surrender if enabled.

Effect Edit

While damage from this move can be dealt to males, like Low Blow to females, it's very ineffective. Greater damage is done to female enemies, and can help in tough battles such as practicing with party members, or the encounter with the Genie or succubus.

Icon Function Description Occasion Requirement Adds state Consumes item Target Users SP
HitUp Does extra damage to female foes. "The user punches the opponent in the chest. More effective on female opponents." Battle Enemy N/A N/A Enemy (Single) Suki