Chest Punch is a damage battle skill, where the user punches an opponent in the chest. It is usable even if the attacker has no weapon equipped.

Availability Edit

It can be purchased for Suki, Carol, or Athena in a skill shop. In Mission 6: Pirate's Bay, Kurui already knows this skill by default when she joins the party.

Effect Edit

In battle, it consumes a frugal 10 SP and the user punches one target opponent in the chest. It's damage is more effective on females, and thus is not a reliable offensive move on males. It is the only effective attack available to Kurui, since she otherwise has no other equipped weapon.

Icon Function Description Occasion Requirement Adds state Consumes item Target Users SP
HitUp Does extra damage to female foes. "The user punches the opponent in the chest. More effective on female opponents." Battle Enemy N/A N/A One enemy Suki





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