Cherisa is an antagonist (possibly the main antagonist) in DIDnapper and also Suki's adopted cousin. She was the expected heir of the throne until the Royal Family adopted Suki.


Version 1.6 Edit

In the prologue, she appears first as Suki's very good friend, although the fact that Suki isn't immediately certain of who she is could be a sign that they haven't seen one another for some time.

However, on Suki's travel to her Castle, she was the one who hired the kidnappers to abduct Suki. This might have been motivated by jealousy, as she comments that Suki won't have time to talk to her since she's just a "lowly noble", but it likely isn't a coincidence that she is raising her own army, and Suki's disappearance has caused political instability which might result in another civil war.

The fact that she apologizes to Suki before knocking her out could be a sign that she still sees Suki as a friend and regrets having to do this to her.

Version 1.7 Edit

She is largely unchanged from Version 1.6, but as of the recent Open Beta of 1.7, it has been revealed that Cherisa did what she did to save Suki from a worse fate. If Cherisa hadn't done what she did, then her mother, Lady Krystina would have had Suki killed. Whether or not this is true is, at this time, debatable, but hopefully future game versions will reveal more.


Mission 2Edit

Suki is told that Cherisa is hiding in a fortress in the Dark Hills for unknown reasons and that she has been a good queen since her coronation.

Mission 5Edit

A task force from Cherisa's army has taken over the northern town of Ghiaccio to intercept and dissolve the operations of the local merchant guild due to their ties with the kidnapping guild, which has led to a conflict between Captain Marcia's forces and the guild's mercenaries.

After Marcia is taken prisoner with her second-in-command Lieutenant Riele taking over the occupation It is revealed by Riele that Cherisa's mother has been using her influence to move the military for her own interests.  

Personality Edit

Needs Info.


  • In v1.6, although she originally hired the kidnappers guild to capture Suki, it doesn't appear that she's had any further connection with them.
  • Despite likely being the main antagonist of the game, she doesn't appear outside of the opening.

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