Captain Marcia is a respected officer of the Queen's army. Prior to v1.6, she was part of the Tutorial as well as the main antagonist in the bonus mission "Nap the Kids". Currently, she is the "boss" in Mission 5.

Captain Marcia as she appears in v1.7


Not much is known of her history prior to Suki's arrival in Ghiaccio, other than that she has garnered a reputation of respect and strength among her men.

By the time the Guild sent Suki to the village, Marcia had been stationed in Ghiaccio with Rielle as her subordinate for some time, with orders to lock down the settlement and crush the merchant guild's activities.


Version 1.6 Edit


Suki, Carol and Athena fighting Marcia. (v1.6)

After taking control over Ghiaccio Village, Captain Marcia and her soldiers started arresting everyone in the village that looked suspicious in order to increase Cherisa's influence in the region. Captain Marcia then proceeded to completely lock down the village, having guards control everything that goes in or out of the village. This made it difficult for the merchants who live in the village to make trades. To make matters worse the mercenary group they had hired sold some members to Cherisa's army out of desperation. Captain Marcia started doubting the loyalty of one of the mercenaries, a girl called Athena. Marcia then orders a noble family to capture Athena and keep her tied up until their mission was over.

After taking Athena prisoner, captain Marcia blocks out the northern roads with a large part of the army in a attempt to get all the mercenaries out of hiding when they eventually run low on money.

When Suki infiltrates the village, she discovers that captain Marcia had turned her back on one of the mercenaries, and therefore Suki chooses to free her. After Suki rescues Athena, she explains that she normally works for money, but she wants to repay Suki for rescuing her. Athena then adds that she would like nothing more than pay back Marcia for what she did to her.

Athena also knew about a secret passage way, that lead behind the army camp, and straight to where Marcia and her bodyguards were hiding.

After defeating Marcia, her soldiers are easily captured, and eventually sold to slavery through the guild. Marcia is taken back to the Lair where she becomes one of Suki's Personal Captives.

Version 1.7 Edit

Captain Marcia was sent to Ghiaccio to dissolve the merchant guild's operations in the area due to their ties with the kidnapping guild. After setting up their operations in the area, they began to control and supervise the trades that entered and exited the town, causing the merchant guild to lose considerable amounts of money due to not being able to continue their trades with the kidnapping guild and other associates. In an attempt to free the town from Marcia's grasp, the merchant guild started hiring mercenaries to fight off Marcia's forces with mixed success. However, their money started to dwindled fast and requested the help of the kidnapping guild.

After some time, Marcia's forces also started losing money due to their conflict with the guild's mercenaries and they feared one of their own mercenaries, a skilled female warrior named Athena would join the guild's forces if they were willing to pay her. In response, Marcia ordered Athena to be imprisoned in a noble manor in the town until their occupation was over.

After Suki and Carol arrive, they defeat three soldiers guarding the road into town, and after meeting with Claude, Suki infiltrates the manor disguised as a maid to free Athena. After escaping they meet back up with Claude and form a plan, either using a secret passage to sneak into the camp and capture Marcia or launch a frontal attack and break through the soldier's defenses. Either way Suki and Athena will end up confronting and defeating Marcia, latter she watches as her corrupt Lieutenant Rielle makes a deal with the mercenaries to turn a blind eye to their activities so long as she receives adequate compensation, her angry outburst that none of them would escape punishment for their crimes leads to her being gagged by Athena. After the mission she becomes a Private Cell captive.

After Krystina's defeat, she is freed alongside the rest of Suki's captives and returns to her duties as Cherisa's loyal officer.

Personality Edit

She's an honorable soldier loyal to Queen Cherisa, willing to do anything for her for better or for worse as she feels is her responsibility to do so and does care about her soldiers as the first thing she ask Suki when in the Private Cell is their fate. However, she does seen to have trust issues as she had Athena imprisoned when their budget wouldn't allow to keep her services for the rest of their occupation, fearing she would join the opposition led by the Ghiaccio merchant guild.

She is regarded as a hero by many, being steadfastly loyal to the Kingdom no matter what. She firmly believes criminals need to be punished no matter what, and cares greatly for her subordinates with one mentioning she had saved her from being enslaved.


Version 1.6 Edit

Marcia and her soldiers can be tough if the player is outnumbered or under-leveled. Try to stun Marcia with Feint Attack/Leg Sweep then focus on the solders, as they need to be subdued before you can tie her up. Skills such as Secure Ropes, Hypnotize and Mass Water are also useful.

Its recommended that Suki must already had learned Healing Skills such as Greater Heal and Mass Heal.  

Version 1.7 Edit

Needs Info.


  • Warrior version 2 by animluster

    Captain Marcia (v1.6)

    She is the training damsel in the Tutorial of v.1.5.
  • There is an artwork of her in CB v1.6 even through she doesn't make an actual appearance in the Beta.
  • She was the main antagonist in Nap the Kids in v.1.5
  • Her Private Cell Graphic was changed for the OB v1.6.4, replacing the old one with an original graphic made by Tessy.
  • Alongside Assistant Maka, she is one of the characters that has more than 4 redesigns in DIDnapper.
    Marcia captive

    Marcia in the Private Cell (v1.6)