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Bonus areas are unlockable areas within the main missions. These areas contain various things like battles, items and skills, and can be unlocked by gaining enough mission points. Since the areas are unlocked after completing a mission, they can only be accessed by repeating the mission. As of CB4, all of the 6 main missions have a bonus area each.


Version 1.6 Edit

  • Huston Village: An item shop opens up east of the village. You can buy items, weapons and skills there. You can also fight and capture the shopkeeper (Rissette) to take her as a trophy damsel to the Private Cell.
  • Castle Velis: A door in the kitchen unlocks. There is a chest in there that contains the Princess Dress outfit for Suki.
  • Mage's Tower: A door after the second group of mages opens up with a teleportation crystal. Enter to fight a hidden boss, Hypno. He has low HP and Defense, but his Hypnosis attack can put the whole party to sleep for easy capturing. Beat him to learn the Hypnosis skill.
  • Haab Desert: A cavern opens up in the underground passage beneath the town to the right of the door into the prison. Read the scroll inside to learn the Mob Rush command.
  • Ghiaccio Village: North-east of town, the bridge is now repaired, and you can enter the cave above to face the angel (Margit) in combat and capture her as a trophy damsel for the private cell.
  • Pirate Bay: Right after you start the mission, head up to the house on the right. The door has been unlocked and inside you find the Secure Ropes skill and the Santa Outfit for Suki.

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