Belbasa Harbor is the richer of the three port towns that line the bay that divides the Kingdom from the Dark Hills. It is accessible after completing Mission 9.

Missions and Events Edit

Notable Residents Edit

  • Alyssa (during Mission 9)
  • Elda (during Mission 9)

Layout Edit

The area as a whole is larger in size compared to its sister town, Armark, though after the proceeding events that take place there, a portion of the place is locked off to direct access forever.

The Harbor itself is actually smaller compared to Armark, roughly the same amount of space as Port Ismel. The few inhabited buildings are a general store and the local inn. The Vermello Trading Company's warehouse in the small town has been largely abandoned by the time Suki first arrived there.

The outskirts of Belbasa are mainly dense forestry, with winding paths and a few, hidden cave systems. A fair distance from the town stands the graveyard, formerly a hallowed site for the honored dead before events rendered that unlikely.