Aurealis Academy (formerly called Mage's Tower in v1.5 to 1.6) is an illustrious, albeit secretive school for wizardry, located in the middle of the Lost Forest, north of the Lair, where it is hidden from outside eyes by an ancient spell.

Mages Tower

The Mage's Tower in game.

It is only accessible during Mission 3.

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The Academy is comprised of four floors, each one designated by the residents' level of experience, with first-year students living on the second-lowest floor, teachers on the second-highest floor, and the headmaster/mistress on the highest.

The fourth formerly housed the Maulak Eye, rendered inert during the Academy's liberation, before proceeding events erased the artifact from existence.


  • This is the first location where groups of enemies to the max enemy count of 4 begin to appear, during the respective Mission.