Athena is a character added in v1.6 CB4. She is rescued during the Ghiaccio Village mission. After that, you can ask her to join the party for 50 gold if taken into a mission, but she will join for free while free roaming. She'll stay in the party until you finish a mission or make her leave.


Athena (v1.7)

Athena is a serious mercenary girl who works for whoever pays her.

She can become a Personal Captive if defeated in a training battle.

Class Lancer Athena Lv 7
Skills Subdue
Knock Out
Leg Sweep
Beast Slayer
"Besides, I'd like nothing better now than to pay them back for turning on me..."
―Athena - Ghiaccio Village


She was born in a fishing village and lived there with her parents until she joined the military at the age of 16. After some time, she moved into the mercenary business as she saw it more profitable and eventually started working for the highest bidder.


Version 1.6 Edit

She first appears in the Ghiaccio Mission as a Mercenary fighting in a struggle between a powerfull businessman and Cherisa's Army in the northern town of Ghiaccio, having been forced to change sides after her Mercenary Group desperately sold her to the army to get some money, she eventually gained the distrust of the army and was captured and retained by a noble family in the Town by orders of Captain Marcia.

Suki can talk to a girl in the town who will tell her about the guards tying Athena up and taking her to the Noble's Mansion. Suki then accepts a job offer inside the mansion as a maid, Inside the mansion's cellar, Suki finds Athena in a cell bound and gagged and unties her. Athena, in gratitude, shows Suki a secret path into Marcia's base. Suki and Athena defeat Marcia and Co. after saving her in the Ghiaccio Mission, she joins the Guild.

After the Mission, the player is allowed to take Athena to capturing zones for free or the first, second, third, Fourth and Fifth mission for a fee of 50g.

Version 1.7 Edit

When Suki is briefed on the situation on Ghiaccio by the merchant guild there, she's told about a female mercenary named Athena that is about to defect Marcia's forces due to lack of funds to kept her services, and Suki is sent to recruit her in their battle against Marcia's forces. However, when they arrive at the town, Suki and Carol discover that Athena was captured on Marcia's orders and taken to a noble manor as a temporal prisoner. In order to rescue her, Suki takes a job as a house maid in the manor and rescues Athena when she is sent to clean the basement.

After escaping through a secret passage, they reunite with Claude and plan how they are going to deal with Marcia with Claude suggesting to replace Marcia with her (more corrupt) second-in-command Riele, while Athena shows disgust towards the suggestion, she agrees and along with Suki and Carol headout to battle and defeat Marcia. After taking Marcia prisoner and some of the forces hostage, Riele is put in charge of the relief forces, allowing the merchant guild's "less than legal" operations continue throughout the region.

When Suki and Carol are ready to depart, Athena offers to join them as she believes that her job on Ghiaccio is done.

Needs info on Mission 7 and 8.


Athena has decent attack and defense stats, but is incredibly slow, usually attacking after both the other allies and enemies. Her leg sweep ability is quite useful for neutralizing female opponents.

Since she joins quite late in the game, until some new missions are added, she won't have much essential use, aside from in bonus content such as repeating previously finished stages or optional battles. Even in these cases, she's not entirely useful, being generally weaker and with less abilities than Suki, and being too slow to heal a weakened ally before they can be captured.


Athena is a calm and reserved girl unlike Carol, however, she likes to fight and getting paid for it.

After Mission 5, Athena is seen to care about Suki and her well-being as she stops Suki from entering the hole in the cave on the Forest Path for her safety and attempts to stop the gambler from the Slaver's Camp from selling Suki into slavery during one Game Over scene, ironic enough, she also appears to dislike gambling.

She is seen to like working for the unnamed Kidnapping Guild claiming that it is better than other guilds she knows and that it pays well, she is also respected by the other guildmembers for her strength.


  • MercenaryGirlH240

    Athena (v1.6)

    She is optional in the Ghiaccio mission.
  • She officially joins the Kidnappers Guild after the Mission.
  • Repeating mission 5 on v1.6 with her, you won't be allowed to enter the rich man's house and pose as a maid, out of fear she'll be recognized. Since there are no opportunities to change party members in this mission, the only way to complete it ends up being a frontal assault on the enemy and an extra battle that needs to be won.
  • She is probably older than Suki.
  • She is the opposite of Carol's personality as she is reserved and calm while Carol is cheerful and energetic.
  • Athena claims that she joined the Army at the age of 16 even trough some of Marcia's soldiers were unable to join because of their restrictive code; this implies that Athena may had been a prodigy on the Royal Army before she decided to join a Mercenary Group.
  • She has an older brother that thinks that she is still a part of the Military, but she hasn't been in contact with him in a long time.


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