For the current version of the game, go to Armor (1.8).

During the game you can obtain new outfits/articles of clothing that have different defensive properties than your old ones, and offer different game sprites for Suki.

Armor Icon Attributes Description Equip Comment
Guild Outfit Guildoutfit PDEF: 105
MDEF: 95
DEX: 4
AGI: 3
"Suki's standard guild outfit." Suki Suki gets this from the Guildmaster before setting off for the Huston Village mission with Leroy.  Currently offers (v1.6.4) the best protection for Suki.
Santa Costume Santacostume PDEF: 7
DEX: 3
AGI: 5
INT: 5
"Insert Christmas puns here." Suki Found in the bonus section of the Pirate's Bay mission. Can make it snow in exterior areas.
Bikini Bikini-0 PDEF: 10
MDEF: 20
DEX: 10
AGI: 30
INT: -5
"A sexy two piece bikini. Ups AGI, DEX, and water defense." Suki Suki can get this from the first two beach girls on North Coast Beach that she meets after losing the ambush battle in the Pirate's Bay mission. Guards against Water and Males.
Maid Outfit Maidoutfit PDEF: 45
MDEF: 30
EVD: 1
DEX: 7
AGI: 10
INT: 15
"A maid outfit." Suki This is given to Suki as proper employment attire in the Ghiaccio Village mission. Guards against Males.
Princess Outfit Princessoutfit PDEF: 75
MDEF: 80
EVD: -1
STR: 5
AGI: -5
INT: 5
"A nice dress." Suki Found in the bonus room of the Castle Velis mission. It is assumed that this is Suki's Royal travel dress that the Guildmaster confiscates before giving her the Guild Outfit in the Lair.
Wedding Dress Weddingdress PDEF: 40
MDEF: 85
EVD: -3
STR: 3
DEX: -5
AGI: -7
INT: 5
"A wedding dress." Suki This is taken from the Bride as a disguise once you defeat her in the Wedding Crasher bonus mission. It is kept even after the mission is completed.
Common Vest Commonvest PDEF: 65
MDEF: 73
"A quite common vest." Carol
Carol's default clothing from when you meet her in the Castle Velis mission. Unconfirmed but can be assumed to be Leroy's as well based on his battle art.
Dark Plate Armor Darkplatearmor PDEF: 74
MDEF: 69
"Body armor for front & middle position classes." Athena Athena's default clothing from when you meet her in the Ghiaccio Village mission.
Tattered Tunic Commonvest PDEF: 60
MDEF: 50
"Kurui's default clothing." Kurui Kurui's default clothing during the Pirate's Bay mission.