Armark Town is a popular port town located on the northern coast of the bay that divides the Lair from the Dark Hills. It becomes accessible after the completion of Mission 6.

Missions and Events Edit

Notable Residents Edit

  • Dariana (during Mission 6)
  • Alyssa (during Mission 6)
  • Umbriana (before and during "The Dark Below)

Layout Edit

The town of Armark is significantly larger compared to its sister port on the eastern coast, Ismel. In addition to the docks, there are two inns in the town, one for travelers and civilians and another that seemingly caters specifically to pirate crews. There also are several vendors, selling weapons, potions, and enchanted apparel.

South from the town borders lies a wide beachfront, where the citizens can go to relax in the sunshine. The beaches are also home to a small cave system, and an ancient, abandoned Lighthouse that apparently is still used by some of the pirate crews to store goods in, when they can.