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Kurui's battle graphic by A.Y.


Alyssa's battle graphic from 1.7

Alyssa (originally named Kurui on older versions) is the secondary antagonist in the Pirate Bay Mission. She does not use any weapons, preferring to use her legs and fists instead.

Class Fighter Kurui Lv 5 (Start)
Skills Subdue
Knock Out
Chest Punch
Stats HP: 1278
SP: 798

ATK: 50
PDEF: 60
MDEF: 50

STR: 143
DEX: 75
AGI: 95
INT: 53
"I know the ship pretty well. I was held captive for quite a while! You'll need someone like me who knows our enemy and can form a plan!"
―Kurui - Pirate Mission, bar storage


She was a member of the Vermilio Trading Company until a ship she was protecting was raided by Dariana's pirate gang with her taken prisoner for a ransom her boss never paid, leading to her offering to join the Dariana out of anger and spite against her boss and returned to work for him as a double agent.


Version 1.6 Edit

She first appeared tied up in a bar. Once released, she tells Suki that she was kidnapped by pirates so she could be sold as a slave. Kurui agrees to help Suki infiltrate the pirate ship and joins her in order to defeat them.

If the player gets defeated in any fight aboard the ship, or finds the Captain, it is revealed that Kurui is a traitor who only used Suki in order to return to the ship.

  • If Suki gets captured, or reaches the Captain and submits, she and Carol/Athena gets tied up, Carol/Athena is kept as a captive and Suki is tossed off the ship. She later washes up on a beach where she's untied by a group of bikini-clad girls.

Suki later finds Kurui and the Captain in the private room of the bar where she fights and defeats both.

  • If Suki defeats the Captain AND the ambush party, she will leave the crew tied up in the ship and head to the harbor.

The Admiral will appear to thank Suki for her efforts before arresting both Alyssa and Dariana.

Version 1.7 Edit

Suki first meets Alyssa during the briefing of the pirate situation on East Coast with Alyssa as her guide. During their trip to Florian, their ship is attacked by Dariana's pirate gang and Suki is knocked out by Alyssa from behind. After taking the supplies and sinking the trade ship, Alyssa and Dariana discuss their next move until they are interrupted by a recently-escaped Suki who then is cornered by a several crewmembers.

There are two outcomes depending if Suki is defeated or wins the battle against Dariana, Alyssa and the ambush party.

  • If Suki wins, she takes Dariana, Alyssa and some pirates as hostages in order to force the rest to sail to the North Coast only to be tricked into a trap by the pirates, Suki then is forced to escape by jumping off the ship only to resurface on the beach. After locating a transport back to the guild hideout and leaving, Alyssa watches from affar claiming that Suki will not be as lucky next time they meet.
  • If Suki is defeated, she is taken to the plant to thrown her off the ship to a raft, Alyssa tries to convince Dariana to keep Suki as a prisoner but Dariana shuts Alyssa down and Suki is thrown off the ship only to resurface on the beach. After being untied by some bikini-clad girls, Suki then heads to the North Coast beach to find a way back to the hideout. However, before leaving she spots Alyssa and Dariana heading to a private bar and decides to follow them, there Suki finds Dariana and Alyssa discussing only to be interrupted by Suki who then defeats both of them. However, before tying her up, Alyssa is ordered by her captain to escape, she reluctantly does so leaving Dariana to her fate. After restraining and gagging Dariana, an Admiral appears and thanks Suki for her help before taking Dariana away. As Suki leaves the town, Alyssa watches from affar claiming that she will have her revenge against Suki.


Version 1.6 Edit

What Kurui lacks in strength she makes up for in intellect. Knowing this she's able to easily trick others into thinking her no more than a innocent face. Thus, allowing her to manipulate her enemies into whatever trap she has laid out for them. Despite this, she's intensely loyal to her Captain using her skills to help further her crew's pursuits.

Version 1.7 Edit

She appears rather friendly towards Suki at first, casually speaking to her about various things such as her motivation, being silently impressed with her fighting skill and apologizing before knocking her out. She appears to resent the Trading Company's boss for abandoning her after she was captured, leading to her betrayal. This resentment leads to her total commitment to the crew, only complaining that her ruse was discovered and being reluctant to leave Dariana when fighting Suki at the pirate bar, though she does show annoyance that none of the pirates who faced her head-on were skilled enough to stop Suki forcing her hand. How she feels about Suki by the end of the mission is determined by the fight on the ship: if Suki defeats them, she show some respect for Suki silently noting things won't go so easy for her next time they meet. If Suki is captured, she will be uneasy over Dariana's decision to set her adrift and apologize when confronted at the bar, after escaping while Dariana and the others are arrested she will watch Suki leave, vowing revenge.


  • She appeared in the intro of Didnapper v1.5 as a captured damsel but she didn't make an appearance in the actual game until v1.6 CB3.
  • She is the first playable character that turned out to have been an antagonist all along.
  • In v1.6, she is practically the weakest member of the Female Pirates.
  • She is seen to be the Captain's second-in-command.
  • She knows about the Kidnappers Guilds, especially the Sandstorm Guild.  

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