Class Fighter AlyssaSprite
Base Skills Subdue
Chest Punch
Affiliation Vermello Trading Company
Dariana's Pirates

For this character in older versions of the game, see Kurui.

"This is Alyssa. She's a part of the dark side of our organisation."
―The Vermello Trading Company manager introduces Alyssa

Alyssa is a member of the pirates and the secondary antagonist in the Pirate Bay Mission. She does not use any weapons, preferring to use her legs and fists instead.


She was a member of the Vermello Trading Company until a ship she was protecting was raided by Dariana's pirate gang. She was taken prisoner, with her boss refusing to pay the ransom. This led to her offering to join Dariana out of anger and spite against her boss, and she returned to work for him as a double agent.


Pirate Bay Edit

Suki first encounters Alyssa when she meets with the manager of the Vermello Trading Company, who will be providing her passage to the Dark Hills on a ship. She learns that she will be required to protect the ship in exchange, and is introduced to Alyssa, who is referred to as part of the "dark side" of the Vermello organisation. The manager tells her that Alyssa knows more than anyone about the bay's pirates, as she was captured by them once before. Alyssa thereafter accompanies Suki onto the ship, and as they sail, the two briefly converse about their respective criminal status before Alyssa heads below deck to nap.

Shortly afterwards, the captain of the ship spots the pirates. Alyssa returns from below deck as the pirates attack, and she and Suki hold them off. Alyssa suggests a plan; eliminating the pirate's leader, Dariana, should cause them to back off. Suki follows Alyssa to the back of the ship, but rather than assisting Suki in capturing the Captain, Alyssa blindsides Suki and knocks her out.

Waking up in a cell, Suki finally realizes that Alyssa is a traitor, and that the merchant ship was robbed blind. She breaks out of her cell, moving down the ship into the hull, where she eavesdrops on Alyssa and Dariana, who are together discussing strategy. A pirate spots Suki and a battle ensues between Suki and all the remaining pirate crew.

There are two outcomes depending on whether Suki is defeated or wins the battle against Dariana, Alyssa and the ambush party.

  • If Suki wins, she takes Dariana, Alyssa and some pirates as hostages in order to force the rest to sail to Belbasa Harbour, only to be tricked into a trap by the pirates, who exploit Suki's ignorance of the local geography. Suki is forced to escape by jumping off the ship, and resurfaces, coughing and spluttering, on the beach south of Armark Town. After locating a transport back to the guild hideout and leaving, Alyssa watches from afar, claiming that Suki will not be as lucky next time they meet.
  • If Suki is defeated, Dariana will decide she is too dangerous to keep aboard, and she is taken up to the deck, where the pirates have her walk the plank, still tied up, onto a small raft. Alyssa is shown to be uncomfortable with this, but Dariana overrules her objection, and Suki is cast adrift. She spends three hours at sea before the raft impacts with the beach south of Armark Town. After being untied by some bikini-clad girls, Suki then heads to the town to find a way back to the hideout. However, before leaving she spots Alyssa and Dariana heading to a private bar and decides to follow them. In the private room of the bar, she finds Dariana and Alyssa having a discussion, and a battle ensues, during which Alyssa is captured. Dariana will intervene, rescuing Alyssa and ordering her to escape, which she will reluctantly do. Suki then captures Dariana, and shortly afterwards, a knock will be heard at the door, which turns out to be an Admiral and some sailors of the Royal Navy. They will thank Suki for her efforts and escort Dariana away. Suki then reclaims her stolen gold and leaves the town, with Alyssa watching and swearing revenge against Suki.

Belbasa Harbour Edit

Alyssa is met again by Carol and Athena in Belbasa Harbour. While following the mind-controlled townspeople, Suki's companions encounter Alyssa, who claims she is picking mushrooms. Upon being asked, she will mention that she saw two people being dragged away by the villagers: a purple haired girl and another girl whom she could not identify in the dark. Alyssa will join the party and assist against the townspeoples' attacks. The three make their way to the source of the spell, where Elda is working the magic. Here, Alyssa discovers that the other girl she saw was Suki and that she has been assisting Suki's companions, to her disgust. She charges Elda alone, striking her with her fists and pushing her back, but is quickly brought down by magic and subdued. The rest of the party will then deal with Elda themselves.

At the end of the mission, Alyssa and Suki briefly talk in south Belbasa Harbour. Alyssa mentions to Suki that she should come back with the pirates, which Suki declines. However, Alyssa reveals that she wasn't asking, and attacks Suki. If Alyssa wins, Suki is bound and gagged, but is rescued by the rest of the party, and Alyssa will escape. If Suki wins, however, Alyssa is captured and brought back to the guild as a Private Cell captive.

Epilogue Edit

If Dariana was arrested, Alyssa is seen moving through the jail containing many of the antagonists from the story. She seems to be looking for someone, eventually revealed to be Dariana, held in the back of the prison. Alyssa is implied to spring Dariana from the prison, and depending on earlier events, the two either return to piracy or plot their vengeance against Suki.

Gameplay Edit

Alyssa is quite a weak character in battle. She is the only playable character to use no weapon in battle, and it shows, with her base attack being very poor. She does have access to magic and Chest Punch, which mitigates this slightly, though the other users of Chest Punch will still deal significantly more damage than Alyssa. She is otherwise statistically unremarkable.


She appears rather friendly towards Suki at first, casually speaking to her about various things such as her motivation, being silently impressed with her fighting skill and apologizing before knocking her out. She resents the Trading Company's boss for abandoning her after she was captured, leading to her betrayal. This resentment leads to her total commitment to the crew, only complaining that her ruse was discovered and being reluctant to leave Dariana when fighting Suki at the pirate bar, though she does show annoyance that none of the pirates who faced her head-on were skilled enough to stop Suki forcing her hand. How she feels about Suki by the end of the Pirate Bay mission is determined by the fight on the ship: if Suki defeats them, she show some respect for Suki, silently noting things won't go so easy for her next time they meet. If Suki is captured, she will be uneasy over Dariana's decision to set her adrift and apologize when confronted at the bar, after escaping while Dariana and the others are arrested she will watch Suki leave, vowing revenge.

In the later Belbasa Harbour mission, she appears initially much more likeable, assisting the party without any apparant villainous intent. She even attacks Elda alone despite having no direct quarrel with her, a more heroic action than might be expected. However, by the mission's end, she demonstrates her inability to abandon her grudge against Suki, and if she loses the battle, it is her downfall.


  • She is the first playable character that turned out to have been an antagonist all along.
  • She is seen to be the Captain's second-in-command.
  • She knows about the Kidnappers Guilds, especially the Sandstorm Guild.