During the game you can obtain accessories that have different offensive/defensive properties in relation to your status abilities. Only Suki is able to freely equip/unequip accessories - Carol, Athena and Evelyn have permanently assigned accessories, and temporary party members do not use them.

All accessories listed as equippable by Suki can be bought from the Accessory Shop in Armark Town.

Accessory Icon Attributes Description Equip Comment
Necklace of Focus Necklaceoffocus GUARDS
"Helps resist Stunned and Asleep." Suki
Athena's default accessory.
Ring of Strength Ringofstrength STR: 10 "Ring that raises STR." Suki
Ring of Dexterity Ringofdextality DEX: 10 "Ring that raises DEX." Suki
Ring of Agility Ringofagility AGI: 10 "Ring that raises AGI." Suki
Carol's default accessory.
Ring of Intelligence Ringofagility INT: 10 "Ring that raises INT." Evelyn Evelyn's default accessory.
Ring of Fire Ringofagility GUARDS
"Ring of the resistance to fire damage." Suki

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